Dear piler users,

while I was checking the product mailstore (an email archiving competitor)
what features they offer, I found telemetry. The mailstore telemetry is
an opt-in feature sends some key metrics allowing the mailstore company
to better understand the usage of their product. The feature is alleged
to be completely transparent, and the data to be sent is human readable.

I'm not sure if you opted in for such feature for piler, however a
similar tool providing insights about the internal state of the archive
host would definitely be useful. So I've just committed a healthcheck
utility to the master branch, feel free to use it. It collects some
basic metrics, eg. cpus, memory, disk utilization, piler processes,
sphinx and mysql db sizes, piler's crontab entries.

Note that it doesn't send anything to anywhere, it prints its output
to stdout only. In case you have an issue it might be handy to have
the most important data on your screen giving some clues where to
start the troubleshoot.

You may get the tool at
and you can just download and use it for virtually any version of piler
(no need to upgrade just for the tool).


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