Hello Jonathan,

On 2020-12-14 13:48, jb wrote:

I run here the latest piler version, on debian 10 and I have the
problem, that after a restart piler is not saving anymore the emails.
I had this now multiple times, and I think it have to do with the
piler.pid file.

I saw now many time in systemctl status piler:


Dez 14 12:37:47 piler piler[530]: reloaded config:
Dez 14 12:37:47 piler piler[530]: piler 1.3.9, build 998 starting
Dez 14 12:37:47 piler systemd[1]: piler.service: Can't open PID file
/run/piler/piler.pid (yet?) after start: No such file or directory
Dez 14 12:37:47 piler systemd[1]: Started Piler daemon.

I try to change the path from pid file in piler.conf and in the
service file, and when I restart the service it can happen, that this
error disappear. But after next reboot it comes again.

On default path to /var/run/piler/piler.pid, the file would also
exists, so why the service is not finding the pid file, I don't know.

When emails are coming in, piler-smtp will notice it.

Have you any suggestions?

Yes. Show me your piler related systemd files. Then stop piler and piler-smtp, and verify the pid files are removed, and using ps output that no piler daemon process is running. Then set verbosity=5 in piler.conf, and reboot your host. Finally, send a test email to the archive, and show me the mail log entries
since the reboot.

Also double check that you want to start piler only once at boot time (ie.
not with systemd and with rc.local or similar).


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