OK, this commit gives you the raw: label: https://bitbucket.org/jsuto/piler/commits/7b47ce3ca20f9f4ab3234afd6641fe364eaedbc6

Whatever you enter after 'raw:', it will be inside the MATCH('') clause.


On 2021-05-02 09:15, Ryan Blenis wrote:
Hi Janos,

On Sun, May 2, 2021 at 2:24 AM <s...@acts.hu> wrote:

Hello Ryan,

On 2021-05-02 01:15, Ryan Blenis wrote:

1. Is there a way to have the pilerexport dry run output the
number of
attachments linked to the query?

Just to clarify. Let's say you have 10 matching emails with 15
total, and you want pilerexport to print 15?

Ideally, in the dry run, I'd like to have it print "attachment: [id]"
much like the emails print "id: [id]" so I can get a count of emails
and associated attachment numbers, which is often required in legal
queries as a the "number of items" found for certain search terms.
(I'm on a slightly older version that only prints "id: [id]" for each
email found, though I believe you added an email found count at the
end of the dry run in a newer version, ideally in that case there
would be a count of emails, and a count of attachments as well).
Thank you!

2. Would it be possible in the web UI to have an "expert"
setting/field where you can manually enter the full sphinx MATCH()
string for more precise results (while still utilizing the other
advanced search fields)? The sphinx query language allows quite a
more flexibility and I'm finding myself using pilerexport's -w
flag to
get a read on match numbers versus querying in the web UI because
this limitation (even though you CAN overload the fields to an

It's possible with a little tweak, I'll add it soon, but it makes
only for auditors. Otherwise it breaks security.

Yes, I completely agree. I'm usually in as an auditor so I almost
forgot about other roles, thank you!

2a. Overloading the web UI search fields with a more complex
query, or
even simply utilizing "quotes" in the field appears to break the
"sphinx" query viewing link. This appears to be just a simple need
some escaping on the front-end.

I've fixed the issue with this commit:


Awesome! Thank you!


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