Hello Hagen,

piler in the early 1.3.x days has switched to epoll which is a Linux only method. I'm not sure if the FreeBSD Linux-compatibility mode actually has proper support to run such binaries. I'd be glad if you could try and share your experiences.

Anyway, you are right, the prefork branch hasn't been updated for a long time, and
I have no plan to do so.


On 2022-03-17 10:15, Hagen Bauer wrote:
Hi to all,

I am planing to move my MailPiler Server from a Debian Server to a FreeBSD Jail.

According to the documenation MailPiler is supported on FreeBSD

If I read this sentence
For FreeBSD you must download (or checkout) the prefork branch

and look into the branch at https://bitbucket.org/jsuto/piler/src/prefork/src/

I get the impression that this branch is not at the newest version.

Did I missed something or made a mistake in my research?

Is FreeBSD a plattform that you can switch to?



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