For now, I've setup an imperfect workflow using offlineimap.

Bit of a pain to setup, and I'm sure it will be a pain when the token expires 
and has to be renewed, but my mail is getting into the archive for now at least.

Major downside is that offline imap just syncs mail with no option to remove 
from the server, so I'm having to purge it manually periodically.


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Thank you!


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Hello Jeremiah,

I'll try to come up with something usable starting at here:

Note that I'll prefer the imapfetch.py utility to get emails via imap.

Janos SUTO

On 2022-07-01 00:08, Jeremiah Poling wrote:
> Hello!
> We're pilerimport -i to download mail for archiving from a journaling 
> mailbox.
> Are there any recommendations for a similar method that would use a 
> more "modern" authentication method for after Microsoft disables basic 
> authentication in September?
> Thank you for any advice you can provide!
> --Jeremiah

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