Dear piler users,

it's been quite a while since the last announcement. I've just release
version 1.4.1 release of piler.

The tl;dr version of the changes:

- Replaced sphinx with manticore 5.0.2, see
- Replaced obsoleted libchart library with chart.js
- Added real-time index support
- Added oauth2 support to
- Added support for pilerexport to spread files among several directories. See the -D option
- Introduced new piler.conf variable: tls_min_version
- Introduced the archive_address feature, see etc/example.conf for the details
- Introduced the raw: search label
- Added Italian translation. Credits: Stefano Gatto
- timestamp signing sorts by 'id' column
- timestamp hash value defaults to sha256
- Added support for php 8.1
- Fixed handling long email addresses

See the download links at

Be sure to read the RELEASE_NOTES file as well, and I suggest to execute the util/db-upgrade.sql
script to update the database schema.

Some more details about the recent changes.

* Sphinx search has been replaced with Manticore search

I'm not happy with sphinx 3 anymore. It seems that it's development has been stalled. The latest release of 3.4.1 (~1.5 years old) seems to have some issues, and not much progress for the issues mentioned on the sphinx forum. So from now on the preferred search engine is manticore search. Note that sphinx 3 is still supported, but for any new piler deployments I recommend manticore. Unfortunately the binary index data are not compatible, so if you decided to drop sphinx and start using manticore, you need
to reindex all emails.

* Real time index support describes how to turn it on.

* Oauth2 support for

1.4.1 ships an auxiliary utility ( allowing you to get an auth token from o365 that can be used for to download emails from an o365 mailbox.

* php 8.1 support

Since we have ubuntu 22.04, and other distros shipping php 8.1, piler 1.4.1 has
support for it. php 7.4+ is still supported

* archive_address parameter in piler.conf

It's a mitigation for archives that can be accessed from anywhere. It forces piler to continue the smtp transaction only if the rcpt to envelope address
matches the email address in the archive_address parameter.

* Fixed handling long email addresses

Both sphinx and manticore has a limit for tokens (read: words) in the search query. Some of you have a few pretty long email addresses, more than 40 characters. Piler creates an additional token for such long addresses, adds it to the body to index. Then the gui replaces the long address with the transformed (it's a
simple md5 hash value) value in the background.

If you have any questions, let me know, and I'll do my best to answer them.


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