Hello Janos,

thank you for your help.
I think i have changed my priority. The first thing I have to make sure 
is, that LDAP is working with the docker.
SSO comes second. I am still not sure how I can do it with my current 
configuration (nginx, docker piler 1.4.4).

- Patrick


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Datum:  28.06.2023 16:14
Betreff:        Re: SSO and LDAP on mailpiler docker

Hello Patrick,

the docker image features nginx, which is an excellent web server,
however, its sso support is not that great. So if you want sso against
AD, then your best bet is to build a new docker image with apache, and
apply the hints Alex suggested.


On 2023-06-28 12:31, patrick.we...@rgi.net wrote:
> Hello Janos!
> At the moment i am trying to configure my mailpiler docker solution to
> use SSO.
> I am using your instruction on
> https://www.mailpiler.org/wiki/current:single-sign-on [1], but I am
> not sure
> if this will work for the docker solution.
> My server contains of 3 dockers (piler, mysql, memcached). The piler
> docker runs the nginx webserver, the piler (version 1.4.4) and
> manticore.
> Samba and winbind is not installed. My best guest is, that i have to
> install samba and winbind in the piler docker instead of installing it
> on the host. Am I right?
> - Patrick

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