Dear piler-users,

the current gui is nice, but quite outdated by now. It's based on
bootstrap 3.4 with jquery. So recently I've been working on a new gui.

So far the search page is ready to show, which most users interact with.
I've deployed it to the demo site. Visit
(you'll find the login details there), and after logging in, visit for the new gui.

Main features:
- bootstrap 5.3 + vue.js 3
- mobile friendly layout (it looks fine even on my phone)
- support for dark mode - based on your browser's preferences
  (be sure to try both the dark and light themes)
- new layout: the main area is divided to left + right
  giving more like a webmail feeling, instead of the previous
  upper + lower layout
- no more paging links: when you scroll down, the gui detects
  if you reached the bottom, and automatically loads the next
  page data as well, appending them to the current list
- no more left side checkboxes: there's a toggle icon in the
  upper left corner to select/unselect all messages
- shift click selects/unselects individual messages

A few details still may need some polishing, but it's what I
have in mind for the next major release, so feel free to comment,
provide feedback or even fixes :-)


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