I tried to reindex everything at the testing environment. but the
error message is the same.
    I browse the mariadb data, and found that the purge mails seems
only left one empty record for each mail at the metadata table. I
don't know if this is true or not. I delete the empty record and the
error message disappear. but I don't know if this is the correct thing
to do.
    I also think about the manticore new "RT" function.  I don't care
the delay of archived mails show at the search GUI. I want a reliable
system, when piler accept a mail, I hope the mail can be archived
safely. if something goes wrong like disk-full, mysq/manticore service
down, power failure..etc, piler won't accept the mail or can fix the
problem later(maybe via crontab works?). I don't know if using "RT"
would lower the archive quality. is "RT" the preferred method in the
   Thanks for help!!

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