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> - The German translation seems to be very old and unmaintained for a
>  long time, am I right?

Kind of, the other translation are even worse.

Now I am happy to announce that I have 446 of 446 strings translated,
> where I have marked one of them marked as fuzzy. I quickly looked over
> all the strings and can't find any major flaws anymore. I removed the
> "fuzzy" marker on most strings because they were mostly already
> correctly translated. There were still a few grammaticaly issues, but I
> fixed them. But if you speak German and think that string XYZ is
> still not very good translated, feel free to answer here.

Looks pretty good. Commited the updated translation to Git.

I also see an email adress to a translation team but it doesn't
> look that this team is active anymore, right?

Yes, most of that information is pretty out of date.

Probably you all know of these problems already but I were unsure
> wheather you overlooked one of the strings. I just let you know. 
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> Filled a bug report about those issues, will fix them next time I touch
the code. The english-only license text on the start screen is by design,
given past history with outdated translations and such, I prefer that text
stays in english and not be jumbled up by an outdated or incorrect

Might also be a good time to make the text interface a little more flexible
so text overlap in a translation doesn't happen so often.

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