2013/7/13 Marcin Kocur <marcin2...@gmail.com>

> I'm thinking of updating and improving Polish translation for Pingus.


> I'm wondering if data/po/pl.po is all I have to review or there are some
> graphics or help as well?

For now that's all.

> I've already cloned git source so I guess I have the latest file.


> There is no additional readme for translators so any advice would be
> helpful.

For help translation I've made https://translations.launchpad.net/pingus.
But translate the pl.po is also good.

And my last question, do you plan to release 0.8 soon?

I don't know. Only grumble can answer for official release.

> I mean, is there a point for doing this work right now?

WIP is on new levelset, resize, make story and play test.
But I think that the work is still far from being released.

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