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> How do you open custom levels? There was something like pingus -l level in
> legacy
> versions but now command line seems to not accept any arguments.

You can open them through the level editor or if you copy them into the
Pingus directory (might need to add a .pingus file ending) you might also
be able to hit Ctrl-m and then see them as "Under Constructon" levelset.

As for command line arguments, they are still supported, but there is a
rather embarrassing bug in the wrapper script, there is a "$@" missing at
the end and thus all the arguments get ignored. You can either just add the
"$@" or launch the raw pingus binary directly, then you however need to
give it a data directory, i.e. something like:

"/usr/local/bin/pingus.bin" --datadir "/usr/local/share/pingus"

should work.

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