su. den 04. 08. 2013 klokka 20.13 (+0200) skreiv Gabriel Rota:

> 2013/8/4 Karl Ove Hufthammer <>
>         I’m working on updating/correcting the translation file
>         currently in
>         GIT. How should I submit it? 
> Send here.

Thanks. Here it is (gzipped file). I have proofread all the translations
for the actual game + the default levelset and the Halloween 2007
levelset. (I will also proofread the translations for the rest of the
levelsets, but thought it best to send the updated translation right
away, in case a new version is imminent.)

>         Do I need to use Launchpad (with its
>         terrible UI)?
> No.

Great! :)

>         If Launchpad really is the intended system to be used for
>         translating
>         Pingus, could the translation policy please be changed to a
>         ‘Structured’/‘Restricted’/‘Closed’ policy (and a Pingus
>         translation
>         group added)?
> I have changed to Structured.
> I've leaved Launchpad Translators.
> Do you want make a pingus translation group?

I guess this depends on what the rest of the translators prefer. 
I think leaving it to ‘Launchpad Translators’ would be OK,
as this automatically includes the *official* translation teams 
for other languages, which should ensure better quality translations.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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