Can I somehow generate a correct .po file?

On 06.07.2016 18:26, Marcin Kocur wrote:
W dniu 06.07.2016 o 16:21, Marcin M. pisze:
I noticed that Polish translations for the Pollution campaign are incomplete. Does anything else need translating too?

I'm willing to contribute the Polish translation. I've already forked pingus ;)

The translations reside in data/po, don't they?

Hi Marcin,

I was the last one who were translating Pingus. I can see that data/po/pl.po is fully translated. I'm afraid this levelset was not merged into .po file which makes it untranslatable. AFAIK there is no external service like transifex so you have to edit .po file and ask for submission. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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