As Joshua says, probably you will not find anyone on this mailing list
as it is mostly dormant.

I would direct all your questions to someplace linked from here:
(obviously, which place is best depends on what kind of question you

Typically though, level design is done near the end of development,
for free; just provide a level editor and a few starting levels and
people will explore from there, and they're usable with maybe a few
tweaks for artistic style / difficulty... making the game fun /
playable is the hard work. Certainly for Pingus, the last 2-4 years of
mail have mostly been "here are my levels, please put them in the
game!". I doubt you will have any trouble if there is a (fun) working
prototype promoted sufficiently.

-- Mathnerd314

On Fri, Dec 23, 2016 at 2:08 AM, Steven Kucera <> wrote:
> Hello to Pingus creators and level designers. I liked the game so much I am
> making a cross-platform remake. I am the sole coder at the moment, but I
> need 80 or so levels, which I can't all do by myself (besides, there needs
> to be variety). Anyone tell me if you are interested, if you are a good
> designer I would be willing to pay you to make levels. Anyone write back if
> you feel you could contribute to the project.
> Cheers,
> Steve Kucera

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