Not sure this is of any interest, but I've created approx. 40 new
levels that include reflective lighting. It alters the visuals of the
game and I changed the mission to include locating the actual exit
among multiple exits.

I've included a level in this e-mail (done on a Linux machine).
Haven't been able to have them beta tested yet, but I think you'll get
the idea once you've tried the enclosed level. Just run it in the
editor mode until you decide if you wish to try the entire levelset.
The reflective light actual increases visual stimulation (especially
for younger players). My grandchildren have played them after playing
the original game and their responses were very encouraging.

Please let me know if your interested in the entire levelset and any
feedback regarding the use of reflective lighting (which I've never
seen utilized in Pingus).

Thank You

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