On 15.01.2017 20:01, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> Marcin M. skreiv 14. jan. 2017 13:09:
>> I just got a thought: maybe Pingus could use Transifex for collaborative
>> translation?
> Transifex is a closed, patented (yes, really!)
Patented? What exactly is patented there?
> , proprietary system.
Their client is open source
> Therefore, I don’t think it’s a good match for the Pingus project.
Anyway, it's just an idea. Feel free to use anything you want :) The
main point is: currently translating Pingus is barely possible for a
non-technical person.

To be honest, even as a programmer I'm not sure how I should translate
the pingus levels, because there are some mysterious generation scripts,
the gettext files are incomplete, etc. It'd be great to simplify the
translation process, especially with so many new levels coming.
> (As a translator, I have also found several technical issues with
> Transifex.)

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