Progress is stalled on Pingus.  If I sill had git access, I would add you to 
the project, but that didn't seem to get transferred from Google Code.  It 
might be worth it to fork pingus

On January 20, 2017 7:12:11 PM PST, wrote:
>Since I haven't received any response from my previous e-mail, I
>thought it might help if you were able to view a couple new levels (I
>just completed). You might note, how the reflective lighting truly
>enhances the game and is attractive to younger players. Simply play it
>through the editor - I'd suggest not changing anything until you've
>seen it in the play mode.
>I think it's obvious (by viewing in the editor) how the reflective
>lighting is created and the difference between it and the standard
>view of Pingus levels. I have created a level set of approx. 40 games,
>all of which use the reflective lighting. Please notify me should you
>wish a copy of both the level set file and the individual levels.
>I used a Linux (Mint 18) PC to create the reflective lighting games
>and have even tested them on a lower resolution monitor. Could use
>some help with beta testing and visual testing for any errors.
>However, all the games with reflective lighting have been played (with
>positive feedback) by my 4 grandchildren and their friends. Of course,
>they use the levelsets option at Pingus startup so they don't worry
>about the editor.
>I would appreciate any feedback.
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