Hello Joerg,

Thanks for the hint on CLISP. I’ve naively tried packaging the current snapshot 
and I’ve run into a little snag or two: lintian complains of:

W: clisp source: outdated-autotools-helper-file src/build-aux/config.guess 
N:    The referenced file has a time stamp older than April of 2012 and the
N:    package does not build-depend on autotools-dev or automake and therefore
N:    apparently does not update it. This usually means that the source
N:    package will not build correctly on ARM64, for which a Debian port is
N:    currently in progress, and may not support other newer architectures.

=> maybe CLISP should also update the auto tools? I can do it as a patch of 

E: clisp-doc: privacy-breach-donation 
N:    This package create a potential privacy breach by fetching data from a
N:    donation website at runtime.
N:    Please remove this privacy problem and add a note to the
N:    debian/upstream/metadata file using the donation field.

=> also here maybe upstream would like to adjust the links used? If not I’ll 
patch it in the Debian packages.

There is a lot of noise because we don’t use hardening. I’ll have to check if 
CLISP still works then of course ;).

> It looks to me like several issues preventing builds of clisp actually arise 
> from dependencies (libraries to which clisp modules provide an interface), 
> e.g. ffi, db, gdbm. I believe it would be wise to re-evaluate today which 
> modules are considered base-modules (part of the clisp package) and which 
> optional modules should still be built or proposed in 2016. I don't know 
> whether Debian wants to provide a different set of base modules than the 
> upstream clisp. There was some discussion about which modules are most 
> important back in March this year in the clisp-devel ML.

At the moment we still have a number of optional modules. The wildcard module 
went away of course.

What are the base modules CLISP? Do you have a pointer to the discussion?

Best regards, Peter

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