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Package: clisp
Version: 1:2.49.20170913-3

This bug was reported by Bruno Haible by private email, see below.

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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 22:42:00 +0100
From: Bruno Haible <>
To: Sébastien Villemot <>, Norbert Preining 
Cc: Agustin Martin <>, Sam Steingold <>
Subject: please remove bump-fasl-loader-version.patch
Message-ID: <2525153.Z8IsqQcaN0@omega>

Hi Sébastien,

In clisp for Debian 'unstable', there is a patch
bump-fasl-loader-version.patch, originating from

--- a/src/constobj.d
+++ b/src/constobj.d
@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@
   /* The date of the last change of the bytecode interpreter
      or the arglist of any built-in function in FUNTAB or FUNTABR */
   /* when changing, remove legacy ABI! */
-  LISPOBJ(version,"(20100806)")
+  LISPOBJ(version,"(20100807)")

Please remove this patch.
1) It does not reliably fix the original issue.
2) It has undesired side effects, unrelated to the original issue.

Ad 1):
The original issue was an error
  initialization file `/usr/lib/xindy/xindy.mem' was not created by this 
version of CLISP runtime

This error comes from src/spvw_memfile.d, and the clisp version that
created the .mem file and the clisp version that attempts to use the .mem
file disagree in
  - either the *object representation* (especially HEAPCODES vs. TYPECODES) [1],
  - or the set of add-on modules and their symbols.

The issue will reoccur when Sébastien uploads new clisp binaries
  - either from a new clisp version (I'm currently preparing a 2.49.70)
    that has a different heuristic for choosing the object representation,
  - or build with a different setting of --enable-portability (because
    on 32-bit platforms this also has an effect on the object representation
and the xindy.mem file remains unchanged.

Ad 2):
Assume a university installs clisp-2.50 on all its computers: from the Debian
packages on Debian machines, and from source on the other machines. (As a matter
of fact, the Math department of Utah university does exactly this.)
The Debian machines will write .fas files with a version stamp
  (SYSTEM::VERSION '(20100807.))
and the other machines will write .fas files with a version stamp
  (SYSTEM::VERSION '(20100806.))
The effect will be that users working in NFS-mounted directories will find that
their fas files from one machine don't work on some other machines. This would
be a MAJOR annoyance when working with clisp.

How to fix the original problem?

  When xindy is already installed on a user's machine and a newer clisp build
  gets installed that has a different .mem file format, the .mem file must
  be regenerated.

clisp could (but does not currently) provide a hash code for the .mem file
format. Therefore - not knowing whether the .mem file format has changed or not 
the rule to be applied is:
  When xindy is already installed on a user's machine and a newer clisp build
  gets installed, the .mem file must be regenerated.

How to implement this rule, is Debian specific.

I don't think a 'dep:' link will be a maintainable solution. (This would
require that clisp provides a command that produces said hash code.)

Instead, how about this:
  - The binary package of xindy includes not only the .mem file but also
    the set of .fas files that gave rise to it.
  - The binary package of clisp contains a post-install trigger that will
    rebuild the xindy.mem file from its .fas files. (And likewise for all
    other packages that are in the same situation as xindy.)



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Source: clisp
Source-Version: 1:2.49.20180212+really2.49.90-1

We believe that the bug you reported is fixed in the latest version of
clisp, which is due to be installed in the Debian FTP archive.

A summary of the changes between this version and the previous one is

Thank you for reporting the bug, which will now be closed.  If you
have further comments please address them to,
and the maintainer will reopen the bug report if appropriate.

Debian distribution maintenance software
Sébastien Villemot <> (supplier of updated clisp package)

(This message was generated automatically at their request; if you
believe that there is a problem with it please contact the archive
administrators by mailing

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Format: 1.8
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 22:01:12 +0100
Source: clisp
Binary: clisp clisp-doc clisp-module-berkeley-db clisp-module-pcre 
clisp-module-postgresql clisp-module-clx clisp-module-dbus clisp-module-gdbm 
Architecture: source
Version: 1:2.49.20180212+really2.49.90-1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Common Lisp Team 
Changed-By: Sébastien Villemot <>
 clisp      - GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation
 clisp-doc  - GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation (documentation)
 clisp-module-berkeley-db - GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to Berkeley 
 clisp-module-clx - GNU CLISP module that adds X11 bindings
 clisp-module-dbus - GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to D-Bus
 clisp-module-gdbm - GNU CLISP module that adds an interface to GNU DBM
 clisp-module-pcre - GNU CLISP module that adds libpcre support
 clisp-module-postgresql - GNU CLISP module that adds a PostgreSQL interface
 clisp-module-zlib - GNU CLISP module that adds zlib support for vectors
Closes: 886986
 clisp (1:2.49.20180212+really2.49.90-1) experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream beta release (2.49.90).
   * Update Vcs-* fields for salsa.
   * Remove patches applied upstream / no longer needed:
     + fix-unpack_sstring_alloca_help_.patch
     + glibc-2.26.patch
     + kfreebsd-amd64.diff
     + maxpathlen.patch
     + stream-flags-alignment.patch
   * Drop Build-Depends on dh-lisp.
   * Add Build-Depends on libunistring-dev.
   * Rewrite d/copyright using machine-readable format 1.0.
   * Build against latest libreadline-dev now that CLISP is GPL-2+.
   * Drop obsolete README.source.
   * Bump to debhelper compat level 11.
   * memory-map-amd64.patch: new patch, needed for newer kernels on amd64.
   * Simplify debian/rules, by using --builddirectory option to dh.
     In particular, dh_auto_test will now run the testsuite at build time.
     Also disable -fstack-protector-strong flag, and parallel build.
   * Add Build-Depends on locales-all, needed by the testsuite (which
     requires the en_US.utf8 locale).
   * Simplify package layout: merge clisp-dev, clisp-module-rawsock and
     clisp-module-bindings-glibc into main clisp package.
     Also add Suggests to other modules, which in turn declare an Enhances on
   * Build ASDF module (into main clisp package).
   * Remove -marm on armhf and -fno-split-wide-types on mipsel.
   * Drop bump-fasl-loader-version.patch (Closes: #886986)
   * Add virtual Provides on clisp-memfile-hash-NNNNNN, for use by reverse
     dependencies that embed a lisp image (like xindy).
 230723fa5941876b06307201c7aed257a0caf116 2911 
 fcfb3079be4866b28a900cc814f02251b70d166b 8921458 
 9909f6f89affe1ba3181052ccdc70f4376be7321 23692 
 ba0403902ecc0b82438eeb930daa1e0468a8c298 13983 
 e46cc449385379d5916dcc2d8e1701378d20e2df096e60c683a6b8716ff5f433 2911 
 47efb9275171a4a469da00bab4935d9d9c9af6892b5c1951cd7d111a4e37e7fa 8921458 
 53625f7df892cceb3a65b74893507f7605ba5aeca2b9b46e3cb59b18d7732be5 23692 
 aa378026719966c6b730ef6cbd778232ce9470a07e77bd993a2f130c867c201d 13983 
 99314b5385b61afaa578795c3ef0ccf0 2911 lisp optional 
 a3f11fda8582eec384e36516ea833949 8921458 lisp optional 
 8c0ece59f97507ba85967b20a453076d 23692 lisp optional 
 4d9cd7339e043f58a192f3e0a1cad04a 13983 lisp optional 



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