Hello Roberto,

The initial try at this, to sign the commits and the tags, failed, as

gbp import-dsc --create-missing-branches --pristine-tar --git-sign-tags

But of course, it was not "gbp buildpackage", but "gbp import-dsc" that's

Then the next try was to follow

gbp import-dsc --create-missing-branches --pristine-tar --sign-tags
--keyid=85EAFEE5CF2CD500736BD8DE93022BAD0563A51D ../bibledit_*.dsc

This time it tried to sign, but failed to:

gbp:error: Git command failed: Error running git tag: error: gpg failed to
sign the data

I am a bit in a hurry so didn't look for the solution to this, but have
pushed to the repository just because a new package was uploaded to Debian,
and pushing to the repository was needed to give information about the
changes in this package. Wish I could solve this, but probably next time
when there's more time.


On Sat, 17 Feb 2018 at 09:49 Teus Benschop <teusjanne...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'll make a note of this so further commits will get signed. If it works
> out well, and if the package generation script can do unattended signing,
> probably it can.Thx Roberto!
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