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>> Anyway the script is for squeeze->wheezy and it will work there.
>> Unfortunately it's too late to fix the squeeze.
> I added lenny to sources.list and was able to retrieve db4.2-util (I
> didn't get libdb4.2 since I just noticed it).
> Isn't there likely to be a similar issue in wheezy, in which the "old"
> version (4.7) will only be available in squeeze?  If so, I think it
> needs a release note warning people to install the package before they
> upgrade.

Nope, the wheezy will have db4.7-util, db4.8-util (both obsoleted) and
db5.1-util (default version of Berkeley DB). wheezy+1 will have
dbold-util (depending on db5.1-util) and db-util (depending on default
version for wheezy+1).

> And/or the cyrus package could recommend libdb4.7-util.

Already done.

> It looks to me as if there are still problems.  Here's what mail.info
> shows when I started cyrus after running the upgrade script:
> <mail.info>
> Jun  9 19:29:21 vm-migrate07 cyrus/master[16572]: process started
> Jun  9 19:29:21 vm-migrate07 cyrus/ctl_cyrusdb[16574]: DBERROR db4: 
> /var/lib/cyrus/db: No such file or directory

Looks like you have deleted /var/lib/cyrus/db?

> Jun  9 19:29:21 vm-migrate07 cyrus/ctl_cyrusdb[16574]: recovering cyrus 
> databases

This should help, but if not, send me output of:

find /var/lib/cyrus

It seems like you have delete /var/lib/cyrus/db, but not the berkeley
db databases.

> Some of that may be normal for recreating deleted working databases, but is 
> all of it?

It should be.

>> Well, it's not, you can just backup whole /var/lib/cyrus/ directory
> Maybe it would be simpler if the script didn't use the old bdb?

It's the upstream recommended procedure, but it probably could be
rewritten to cope with missing old db utils and just backup

>> > 5. I'm not sure, based on a quick read, if the script backs up the
>> > entire mail spool.  If it does, it would be good to make this optional
>> > since it can take a lot of time and space, and the admin may have
>> > already made backups.
>> No, it doesn't. That would be crazy :))).
> Well, so would touching all my files in the spool for every minor
> upgrade, causing my backup system to backup the whole spool. And that
> happens :(  (I know: there are good safety reasons for it).

I think we already dropped that (at least I think it's not in squeeze).

>> > 7. It might be useful to note the script should be run as root.  I
>> > wondered if it should be run as cyrus until I saw the code has su cyrus
>> > at strategic points.
>> I'll try to improve the code, so it could be run as cyrus user as
>> well. Anyway normally it would be executed from postinst, so it's not
>> a high priority stuff...   but I'll fix that if I find the time (and
>> of course patches are welcome).
> How about, near the top of the file
> # Run this script as root.  Ordinarily it will be run automatically in
> post-install.

Sound sane, applied.

Ondřej Surý <ond...@sury.org>

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