Hi Marco,

Problem is Debian dkms (v2.3) seems to be an old fork of github/dell
dkms (v2.5). Support for mkbmdeb comes from a patch in the Debian
package but does not exist upstream. As a result my patch is not so
relevant for upstream.

Do you know if the current Debian patches were already proposed to
upstream ? Do you know the roadmap for a possible merge from upstream
(bump Debian package version to 2.5) ?

Last be not least, since I do not have all the test cases in mind, I'd
be glad to get a review from the Debian maintainers before sending upstream.

Best regards,

On 02/12/2018 06:27 PM, mario.limoncie...@dell.com wrote:
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>> Subject: [Pkg-dkms-maint] Bug#832558: Fix dkms mkdeb / mkdsc / mkbmdeb
>> Please find attached a patch for the dkms script (package version 2.3-3)
>> that fixes the following issues:
>> - fix mkdeb (1): mkdeb failed because a mv command was looking for a
>> package filename with -${debian_build_arch} instead of -all.
>> - fix mkdeb (2): allow creating a dkms package without requiring to
>> build the binary module beforehand . The patch actually makes
>> --source-only de facto for mkdeb and mkdsc.
>> - fix mkbmdeb: make --binary-only de facto for mkbmdeb
>> - fix usage: lacked mkdsc
>> Regards
>> Pierre
> Pierre,
> Can you please submit the patches to upstream at github?

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