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smcv pushed a change to annotated tag upstream/1.36+u20160616+dfsg1
in repository ioquake3.

        at  dce0fb3   (tag)
   tagging  7f70075275dadc66fad31dcac6e3aab96e914c47 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.36+u20160122+dfsg1
 tagged by  Simon McVittie
        on  Mon Jun 27 10:32:11 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.36+u20160616+dfsg1

/dev/humancontroller (4):
      guard against out-of-bounds jump table targets
      Fix Com_RandomBytes weak-random case
      Fix return values in nested system calls from QVMs
      fix a stupid use of strcpy()

Anthony Pesch (3):
      fixed formatting of a few GLSL float constants
      don't clear screen during CA_LOADING and CA_PRIMED
      restart the renderer after the hunk mark has been set

Author: Xycaleth (1):
      OpenGL2: Fix shadow cubemap size

Brenton Bostick (1):
      Add mingw prefix for cygwin32 and mingw32

Daniel Heitmann (3):
      added systemd unit for easier server-deployment
      removed a few defaults to make it completely usable out of the box
      removed absolute path to binary, removed sv_pure parameter

Dion Williams (2):
      Fix Cvar_Unset not notifying cvar_modifiedFlags
      Ensure reads from /dev/urandom are unbuffered

Ensiform (4):
      Fix native trap_BotMutateGoalFuzzyLogic
      Fix an invalid null deref check in the slider code.
      Move Event processor call down below the mouse checks.
      Inform how many shader stages the max is in the warning message

James Canete (1):
      Merge pull request #57 from MAN-AT-ARMS/specularScale

Jeff Kent (1):
      fix buffer overflow in CL_CheckForResend

Jun Woong (1):
      Stop LCC from warning about null pointer conversion to function pointer

      Replace deprecated alDopplerVelocity with alSpeedOfSound per OpenAL 1.1 
      OpenGL2: Fix pshadows for MDR models
      Fix colored name padding and allow IPv6 address to fit in output of
      Release netowrk bindings on shutdown
      Fix s_alDopplerSpeed default value
      OpenGL2: Set default normal/specular in RE_RegisterShaderFromImage
      Update SDL2 to 2.0.2
      Update SDL 1.2.15 to Revision 8040
      Update SDL2 to 2.0.3
      Add MSVC SDL 1.2.15 Revision 8040 import libs
      Rebuilt MSVC SDL 1.2.15 Revision 8040 import libs
      Fix compiling on Linux Mint
      Fix possible division by zero in S_PaintChannelFrom16_altivec
      Change default value for s_alDopplerSpeed
      Fix building with curl on Linux PPC and Sparc

Martin Michlmayr (1):
      Add support for Aarch64 (ARM64)

Michael Rieder (2):
      Fix compile error with ml64 assembler
      Have custom intro cinematics for standalone game

Pan7 (24):
      sayto cmd with player name completion
      -ffast-math for msvc
      Add ColorIndexForNumber macro replacing '& 0x07'
      qcurl_multi_add_handle error check
      Renaming outp to outbufp because outp() is an existing function
      Windows header files for q3lcc
      q3lcc option -lcppdir and -lrccdir
      No unix memmove for msvc
      SIGABRT is in ANSI and POSIX.1, and SIGIOT isn't.
      SDL_Init zero check
      SDL_FALSE/TRUE for SDL_SetWindowGrab
      SDL_SetWindowGammaRamp check
      SDL_GetWindowDisplayIndex check
      SDL_CreateWindow NULL check
      Added SDL_GetError()
      Added SDL_GetError()
      SDL_GetWindowDisplayIndex() check2
      SDL_GL_SetSwapInterval() check
      qcurl_multi_remove_handle check
      qcurl_multi_strerror not curl_multi_strerror
      qcurl_easy_setopt dev warning
      qcurl_multi_cleanup check
      Add missing qcurl handle cleanup
      Fix va_list warning

Roberto Estrada (1):
      Switched runtime library to Multithreaded DLL to fix build on VS2012.

Ryan C. Gordon (1):
      Sys_GetProcessorFeatures() didn't check for 3DNow! or Altivec.

Simon McVittie (17):
      Add USE_INTERNAL_LIBS, a default for USE_INTERNAL_*
      Centralize checks for Freetype, with a user override
      Allow libcurl to be in a non-standard location on all platforms
      Allow OpenAL to be in a non-standard location on all platforms
      Allow system libjpeg to be in a non-standard location
      Find system zlib via user override, pkg-config or in standard locations
      Look for system Vorbis, Opus and Ogg via pkg-config
      Find Speex via user override, pkg-config or default search path
      Ensure that mbstowcs does not overflow its buffer
      Don't crash if more than 128 modes are available
      Use pkg-config for a system libjpeg if available: libjpeg-turbo has it
      unzip: comment why there is no USE_INTERNAL_MINIZIP boolean option
      Makefile: confine $(LIB) to the one platform that needs it, namely irix64
      build: canonicalize all ARM variants to "arm", matching q_platform.h
      build: define ARCH_STRING in Makefile on Linux and other GNU platforms
      build: if tput fails, fall back to a reasonable text width
      Imported Upstream version 1.36+u20160616+dfsg1

SmileTheory (86):
      OpenGL2: Set RGBM to use a multiplier of 1, and only use it with HDR 
      OpenGL2: Fix bug in ColorToRGBM().
      OpenGL2: Oops, set lightmap alpha to 1.
      OpenGL2: Fix rendering when r_hdr = 0 and r_floatLightmap = 1
      OpenGL2: Remove and force r_softOverbright.
      OpenGL2: Minor GLSL shader improvements.
      OpenGL2: Add normalScale and parallaxDepth stage keywords and helper 
      OpenGL2: Parallax corrected cubemap (cheaper trick)
      #6095: OpenGL2: Use areamask and leaf cluster for PVS when VIS is missing.
      OpenGL2: Remove sRGB support, replace with gamma cvars.
      OpenGL2: Remove misleading documentation for gamma cvars.
      OpenGL2: Reimplement MD3 tangent space calculation.
      OpenGL2: Really obvious optimization to previous commit.
      OpenGL2: Replace R_MipMapsRGB() with faster version.
      OpenGL2: Add fourth cascade for sun shadows, and adjust sun shadow cvar 
      OpenGL2: Remove R_MipMap() and R_MipMap2(), and fix gamma conversion in 
      OpenGL2: Fix a glsl compile error on old hardware with r_shadowFilter 0.
      OpenGL2: Better BSP surface merging.
      Correct too many parameters in q3gl2_sun description in docs.
      OpenGL2: VBO cleanup.
      OpenGL2: Vertex array object support.
      OpenGL2: Reduce redundant GL calls.
      OpenGL2: Fix invalid texture parameter.
      OpenGL2: Interleave vertex data for static MD3s.
      OpenGL2: Fix missing surfaces with r_mergeMultidraws 2.
      Fix a bug in previous commit.
      OpenGL2: Bit of multidraw optimization.
      OpenGL2: Fix corrupt models.
      OpenGL2: Speed up tonemap shader.
      OpenGL2: Change normal/tangent vertex encoding.
      OpenGL2: Support half floats for texcoords and vertex colors.
      Remove accidentally added increment.
      OpenGL2: remove lightmap support from generic glsl shader.
      OpenGL2: Add support for parallax occlusion mapping.
      OpenGL2: Bit more parallax optimization.
      OpenGL2: Ensure tess VAO is bound before using it.
      OpenGL2: Fix face culling.
      OpenGL2: Fix culling again.
      OpenGL2: Use signed value in case value goes below 0.
      Add Steam's Quake 3 Arena dir to game dirs on Windows.
      Search for mods in steam path as well as home and base paths.
      Use Windows uninstall path to find Steam Quake 3 install.
      Access 32-bit registry key from 64-bit Windows correctly.
      OpenGL2: automatically load textures with a _s suffix as specular.
      OpenGL2: Remove some rendering options for simplicity.
      OpenGL2: Add option in code for alternate overbright method.
      OpenGL2: Add r_glossIsRoughness.
      OpenGL2: Parse radius entries from misc_cubemap entities.
      OpenGL2: Forgot a multiply.
      OpenGL2: Use correct sunlight color for sunlight specular.
      OpenGL2: Switch to RGTC from LATC for normal maps.
      OpenGL2: Some tr_image.c cleanup.
      OpenGL2: DDS (compressed textures) support.
      OpenGL2: Add null dereference checks to DDS loader.
      Make jpeg loading errors non-fatal.
      Fix error handling in RE_SaveJPGToBuffer().
      OpenGL2: Support picmip for DDS textures.
      OpenGL2: Add r_exportCubemaps for saving cubemaps on map load.
      OpenGL2: Replace r_exportCubemaps cvar with exportCubemaps command.
      OpenGL2: Add r_cubemapSize.
      OpenGL2: Remove specular ambient.
      Add msvc12 project files.
      OpenGL2: Direct state access, part 1: Texture binds
      OpenGL2: Direct state access, part 2: Uniforms.
      OpenGL2: Direct state access, part 3: Framebuffers.
      OpenGL2: Some FBO related cleanup/fixes.
      OpenGL2: Load existing per-map cubemaps.
      Fix frame_msec possibly being zero in cl_input.c.
      OpenGL2: Merge several cvars into r_pbr.
      OpenGL2: Add named cubemaps and per-map env.json parsing.
      OpenGL2: Typos.
      OpenGL2: Fix some GL errors and no sun shadows on older OpenGLs.
      OpenGL2: Shader optimization, and add dither to tonemap.
      OpenGL2: Add r_shadowBlur.
      OpenGL2: Add r_glossType.
      OpenGL2: Speedup for SSAO & blur shaders, fix sunlight normals in 
      OpenGL2: Create FBOs if target image exists, not cvar settings.
      OpenGL2: Fixes to depth blur and ssao.
      OpenGL2: More ssao/depth blur improvements.
      OpenGL2: Fix r_lightmap.
      OpenGL2: Fix horribly broken metallic shader.
      OpenGL2: Improve cubemap outside error.
      OpenGL2: Render metals as nonmetal on cubemaps, and some 
ComputeShaderColors cleanup.
      OpenGL2: Some FBO cleanup, and add non-depth blur to blur shader.
      OpenGL2: Speed up surface merging.
      OpenGL2: Set cubemap mip selection to match output from ggxcc.

Svante Signell (1):
      Add support for the GNU/Hurd architecture

Tequila (1):
      Bunch of comment fixes

Thilo Schulz (4):
      Add temporary backup text files to .gitignore
      Erroneously removed that line in .gitignore
      Only play logo/intro if their filenames have been defined in q_shared.h
      Missed this Cvar_Get() on com_introPlayed

Tim Angus (89):
      Use SDL 2 instead of SDL 1.2
      Make the mousewheel work
      Allow hardware gamma, in theory
      Convert SDL text input to UTF-32
      Fix wacky patch for r_ignorehwgamma
      Improve console key situation
      Update bundled SDL headers/libs
      The in_mouse stuff makes no sense in SDL2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      SDL2 libs for OSX, thanks to MAN-AT-ARMS
      Update prebuilt SDL2 libs for Windows
      More updates to SDL2 libs from MAN-AT-ARMS
      Update SDL2 headers... oops
      Fix initial window position being top left
      Various fixes from Fuma
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge pull request #16 from cmf028/sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge pull request #59 from MAN-AT-ARMS/sdl_1215_hg
      Merge pull request #55 from MAN-AT-ARMS/status_command
      Merge pull request #44 from xhairball/features/add-vorbis-1.3.4
      Merge pull request #56 from MAN-AT-ARMS/net_stop
      Merge pull request #63 from kungfooman/visualstudio
      Merge pull request #69 from RobertoEstrada/master
      Fix assorted warnings
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Fix OSX build
      Add SDL libraries to the builds
      Bullshit change to test jenkins configuration
      Fix some warnings
      There have been 0 days since the last compiler warning
      Add cppcheck stage to jenkins script
      Link instead of copy
      Show environment variables from jenkins
      Use scan-build when invoking clang
      Only run scan-build on one of the clang builds
      Fix a few warnings
      Fix cgame warnings
      Fix ui warnings
      Fix game warnings
      Fix client warnings
      Suppress warning of (deliberate) null pointer deference
      Fix renderergl1 warnings
      Fix renderergl2 warnings
      Fix more warnings
      Actually, that's not suppressing, that's changing behaviour
      Coverity travis integration experiment
      Fix .travis.yml indentation
      Fix screwed up whitespace in README
      Merge pull request #81 from MAN-AT-ARMS/sndmix_altivec
      Use correct type for thinktime
      Add facility to describe cvars
      Fix warning
      Unfix warning
      Fix case where interval overflows (thanks jackeri)
      clang gets upset by some of these compiler options (and they're probably 
pretty pointless in 2015 anyway)
      Fix cppcheck warning
      Commit newly generated gram.c
      use osxcross compilers
      Merge pull request #110 from zsoltm/mingw64
      Merge pull request #105 from smcv/sdl-modes
      Check SDL_GetNumDisplayModes return value for errors
      Merge pull request #128 from tbm/master
      Merge pull request #129 from smcv/generic-platform
      Merge pull request #131 from smcv/tput
      Merge pull request #132 from Pan7/SDL_Init
      Merge pull request #133 from Pan7/SDL_bool
      Merge pull request #134 from Pan7/GammaCheck
      Merge pull request #135 from Pan7/SDL_Index
      Merge pull request #136 from Pan7/SDL_NULL
      Merge pull request #92 from Pan7/curl_error
      Merge pull request #137 from Pan7/SDL_display
      Merge pull request #138 from Pan7/SDL_Swap
      Merge pull request #140 from Pan7/qcurl_remove
      Merge pull request #142 from Pan7/qcurl_warn
      Merge pull request #143 from Pan7/qcurl_cleanup
      Return the result from qcurl_easy_setopt_warn
      Merge pull request #144 from Pan7/qurl_handle2
      Merge pull request #145 from Pan7/va_list
      Merge pull request #153 from dionrhys/read-urandom-unbuffered
      Merge pull request #152 from dionrhys/cvar-unset-notify
      Fix wonky va_list usage
      Fix the wonky fix to the wonky va_list usage
      Effectively revert c2e146c1
      Now with less infinite recursion
      Fix check for empty rconpassword in CL_Rcon_f

Tobias Kuehnhammer (2):
      Fix compiling game VM with OBSTACLEDEBUG defined
      Fix (unused) watertype checks in PM_WaterMove

Victor Roemer (1):
      Fix Makefile for OSX

Xycaleth (1):
      Add arrow key support for win32 console

Zachary J. Slater (17):
      Merge pull request #80 from dictvm/master
      Moved the systemd to /misc/linux
      s/.txt/.md/ & for Linux ioq3 sysadmins
      more helpful error message
      Githalytics seems to have stopped being a thing.
      Moving large chunks of README to wiki step 1
      Point to the moved information
      Removing more large chunks of outdated text
      Better language, less tense
      A mac dedicated server script
      Fixed the os x path and now both scripts will take arguments
      Don't quote me.
      Merge pull request #103 from openmoh/ioq3-intro
      Merge pull request #73 from Pan7/sayto
      Merge pull request #42 from zturtleman/opus_voip_2
      Merge pull request #190 from wtfbbqhax/OSX_64bit_builds

Zack Middleton (224):
      Fix building sdl2 branch on travis-ci
      Fix SDL2 losing event subsystem
      Fix warning that SDL_GetKeyboardState return value is used non-const
      Ignore -psn* arguments on Mac OS X
      Use bundle icon on Mac OS X instead of internal 32x32 window icon
      Check #ifdef MACOS_X not #if MACOS_X
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Readd backspace char event for UI VM text fields
      Add cvar_modified command
      Check for buffer overflow for rail/lightning surfaces
      Merge pull request #34 from robo9k/issue/libjpeg-turbo
      Try default OpenAL driver if user set one fails to load
      Merge pull request #33 from inolen/widescreen_clear_fix
      Merge pull request #35 from inolen/no_renderer_restart
      Merge branch 'features/upgrade-opusfile-0.5' of into opus_update
      Merge branch 'features/upgrade-opus-1.1' of into opus_update
      Merge pull request #41 from 
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Clear referenced paks when disconnecting
      Fix sending pk3 download error messages to clients
      Merge pull request #45 from xhairball/features/upgrade-curl-7.35.0
      Rebuilt Windows libcurl-7.35.0 static libraries
      Remove references to alDopplerVelocity
      Don't wash out HDR vertex lite surfaces in OpenGL2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Fix error handling in R_ParseSpawnVars
      Don't say cubemap is outside lightgrid 6 times
      Fix R_GetEntityToken ending prematurely
      Fix typo in animMap and videoMap warnings
      Parse q3map_sunExt in OpenGL1 too
      Don't mix sfx with NULL soundData
      DMA 44100Hz needs more memory for sound buffers
      Merge pull request #60 from smokin-guns/master
      Don't crash when fail to create SDL window
      Fix multisampling on X11
      Fix ctrl-c etc codes for edit fields
      Revert "DMA 44100Hz needs more memory for sound buffers"
      Fix FS_FOpenFileReadDir non-zero file handle when file not found in pk3
      Remove unused extern qboolean charSet
      Remove -falign-loops and -falign-jumps from Makefile
      Merge branch 'master' (early part) into sdl2
      Skip merging sdl1.2 commit into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      Merge pull request #65 from MAN-AT-ARMS/sdl2_203
      Fix cg.skulltrails out of bounds access in Team Arena Harvester mode
      Make R_LerpTag return qfalse if MDR tag does not exist
      Don't install libvorbis-dev on Travis
      Merge branch 'features/add-x86_64-travis-ci-support' of
      Fix always switching back to mgun in Q3 controls menu
      Fix Gauntlet barrel axis in UI
      Disable key repeat if key catcher is 0
      Try to fix Travis CI MinGW builds
      Fix potential out of bounds access caused by CM_GridPlane
      Don't use memset with non-zero value to fill ints
      Fix potential buffer overflow in PS_ReadPrimitive
      Fix unchecked buffer size issues in l_script.c and l_precomp.c
      Fix max bans range check in SV_AddBanToList
      Have OpenGL2 "map $lightmap" check for NULL tr.lightmaps too
      Fix potential buffer overflow caused by long tcMod args
      Fix OOB access in CM_EdgePlaneNum without erroring in CM_GridPlane
      Fix potential OOB in Windows Dedicated TTY CON_Show
      Merge branch 'master' (early part 1) into sdl2
      Skip merging a SDL 1.2 commit into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' (early part 2) into sdl2
      Skip merging a SDL 1.2 commit into sdl2
      Merge branch 'master' into sdl2
      OpenGL2 don't try to dlight surfaces that had all dlights culled
      Fix SkipRestOfLine going past end of string
      Remove unused array joy_pressed
      Remove unused cvar in_joystickDebug
      Fix overstrike/insert logic being reversed in q3_ui
      Don't draw client console buffer past top of screen
      Restore drawing a cut off client console line in 1920x1080
      Fix fast-math optimize flag for MinGW x86_64 build
      Merge branch 'pkg-config' of into master
      Fix up vorbis handling in Makefile
      Allow overriding external opus libs/cflags in Makefile
      Allow user override of cURL, OpenAL, and SDL libs/cflags
      Don't load external GLSL files by default
      Fix binding KP_NUMLOCK
      Get clipboard data from SDL
      Remove unused functions from null_main.c and null_input.c
      Fix incorrect strncat usage in CL_ServerInfoPacket
      Fix incorrect rgbGen const reading uninitialized memory
      Remove a numIboIndexes=0 that is not read from GL2 tr_bsp.c
      Don't scale cinematic time by timescale twice
      SDL 2 scroll/caps/num lock keys send KEYUP event when key is released
      Port COM_ParseExt fixes to CommaParse
      Use ColorIndexForNumber in Con_DrawSolidConsole
      Fix 6155: OpenGL2: some shader stages remains visible through fog volumes
      Merge pull request #85 from MAN-AT-ARMS/curl_fixes
      Merge pull request #84 from MAN-AT-ARMS/openal_speedsound
      Merge pull request #29 from inolen/shader_tidying
      Fix binding 'context menu' key using SDL2
      Fix Windows key bind name on non-Mac using SDL2
      Don't add duplicate resolutions to r_availableModes
      Add function for clearing global shader instead of duplicating the code
      Remove r_softOverbright from opengl2-readme.txt
      OpenGL2: Don't segfault if r_ext_multitexture is disabled
      Add missing EV_USE_ITEM15 cases
      Fix pid file ignoring user set fs_homepath
      Always use GL_Cull to change cull state
      Clear window buffer when it's created
      Correct a few OpenGL variable types
      Remove unfinished OpenGL display list code
      Don't set fog image border color
      Fix stencil shadows not drawing if has 500 or more vertexes
      Fix saving/loading glyph 255 in RegisterFont
      Fix negative glyph index in Team Arena text functions
      Fix bot's teamleader name field being too short
      Fix weapon barrel angle on Gauntlet and BFG items in Team Arena
      Add weapon barrel to gauntlet/mg/bfg items in baseq3 too
      Fix reading 4 byte UTF-8 text input
      Don't use dead view angles after stop following a dead player
      When player stops following a player, keep view angles
      Fix cg.intermissionStarted only being enabled at first intermission
      Merge pull request #94 from wombat23/asmfix
      Include stdint.h instead of inttypes.h in libmumblelink.c
      Make travis do all the builds again
      Merge pull request #104 from smcv/mbstowcs
      Merge pull request #97 from Pan7/outp
      Merge pull request #98 from Pan7/lcc
      Use MSVC mode marcos for creat in q3cpp on Windows
      Merge pull request #100 from Pan7/q3lcc
      Merge pull request #22 from zturtleman/cvar_modified
      Set float rounding mode on non-Windows platforms
      Fix off-by-one range checks in Team Arena UI
      Fix possible string buffer overflows in Team Arena UI
      Fix handling too many characters or aliases in Team Arena UI
      Fix (unused) "orders" menu script logic
      Make Window_Paint check if w is NULL before dereference
      Remove logically dead code from UI_GetServerStatusInfo
      Fix parsing bots in arena info with trailing spaces
      Fix possible levelPicNames buffer overflow in q3_ui
      Make barrel/flash model name buffer safe
      Fix crash in MSVC x64 qsnapvectorsse, bug #5905
      Fix compiling lcc using mingw under cygwin
      Fix incorrect strncpy in S_AL_StartBackgroundTrack
      OpenGL2: Remove unused function prototype from tr_fbo.c
      Fix AAS_Reachability_Grapple's sky surface check
      Set bsp_trace_t::surface.flags to surfaceFlags in server and game
      Don't run vid_restart when "resized" to current size
      Clean up CG_DrawProxWarning design
      Fix crosshair drawing not clearing color
      Fix attacker icon being default image if attacker left
      Add a comment about non-functional bot code
      OpenGL2: Fix shadow cubemap segfault
      Fix MDR surface indexes overflow check
      Merge pull request #116 from smcv/system-minizip
      Let's not ifdef MISSIONPACK inside of ifdef MISSIONPACK
      Save bot accompany distance across map change or restart
      Horizontal scroll should not cause K_MWHEELDOWN key press
      Remove erroneous new line from error message
      Move image load function prototypes to tr_common.h
      Sort tr_image_*.c filenames in Makefile
      Merge pull request #118 from jkent/master
      Merge pull request #89 from bostick/master
      Merge pull request #108 from Pan7/memmove
      Merge pull request #109 from Pan7/SIGABRT
      Merge pull request #125 from jkent/master
      Fix variable declaration for C89 compilers
      Remove check for cg_recordSPDemoName.string array address
      Remove unused function WRITE_1BYTES from cl_avi.c
      Make cinematic times be int like CL_ScaledMilliseconds
      Fix abs() being used for long int in l_precomp.c
      Fix abs() being used for float in cl_input.c
      Merge pull request #4 from smcv/hurd
      Fix CG_WaterLevel() checks for waterlevel 2 and 3
      Fix CGame CG_WaterLevel() comparisons
      Apply greyscaling to fog blocks
      Don't fog 3D crosshair sprite
      Fix Windows file list extension check
      Fix to exit after completed
      Remove unused fpucw from snapvector.asm
      Fix OpenGL2 ignoring last light grid point on each axis
      Backport ignoring values outside lightgrid to OpenGL1
      Fix range checks for numBorders in CM_AddFacetBevels
      Make more vm_x86 macros use braces so they work with if blah run macro
      Don't segfault in FS_CreatePath when there are no path seperators
      Remove logically dead code in R_CheckFBO
      Fix alloc size for default skin and single shader skin
      Fix cgs.teamVoteString buffer overflow in CG_ConfigStringModified
      Remove logically dead code from CL_GetServerStatus
      Fix handling too many teams in Team Arena UI
      Fix 'Invalid architecture' message in
      Remove MSVC user configuation files
      Ignore MSVC non-project files
      Update msvc10 renderer filenames (copied from msvc11)
      Fix msvc11 x86_64 runtime
      Fix mscv11 libcurl include path
      Copy msvc11 build changes to msvc10
      Make msvc10/11 x86_64 copy SDL264.dll
      Update headers in VS (10 and 11) projects
      Remove unused define CG_FONT_THRESHOLD
      Fix glyph width calculation in Text_Paint_Limit
      Make add bots menu use standard menu drawing
      Use correct array size for facets in cm_patch.c
      Early out of Cmd_CompleteArgument and Cmd_SetCommandCompletionFunc
      Align indent of defines at top of q_shared.h to 4 space tabs
      Make steam path optional at compile time for standalone games
      Fix compiling on Windows without Steam path/appid
      Remove unused define MAC_EVENT_PUMP_MSEC
      Maybe fix old MSYS when there is an empty for loop
      Add support for uncompressed image upload flag to OpenGL1
      Fix not swapping buffers because out of cmd buffer space
      Fix crash from reading past end of tr.refdef.drawSurfs
      Fix reserved size for swap buffer command being too small on x86_64
      Replace 4 with sizeof( int ) in R_GetCommandBufferReserved
      Use Opus for VoIP
      Fix some opus_decode issues
      Fix typo of SDL_Has3DNow() in Sys_GetProcessorFeatures()
      Remove incorrect documentation from q3a.service
      Cross-compiling using mingw should only pick one gcc executable
      Fix warnings that names passed to Name_PlayerNameCompletion is not const
      OpenGL2: Fix specularScale override not being used in 
      Explicitly set cull type for skybox
      Improve keyboard/joystick input in Team Arena UI
      Fix iamamonkey printing 'levels' instead of 'awards'
      Include SDL2 dll from repository in NSIS installer
      OpenGL2: Remove loading (unused) glDrawBuffersARB
      OpenGL2: Remove duplicate textureFloat = qfalse
      Prevent CL_RunCinematic from reading cinTable[-1]
      Remove note that r_allowResize requires SDL backend

ZsoltM (1):
      added mingw64 (msys2) platform support

cmf028 (3):
      Don't set the window title twice
      Set com_minimized to 0 when the window is restored
      Send key up events for the mouse wheel

hairball (9):
      Upgrade opus 1.0.2 -> 1.1
      Upgrade opusfile 0.2 to 0.5
      Upgrade libogg 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
      When cross compiling on mingw32, make sure it finds a CC
      Add vorbis 1.3.4 build support
      Upgrade from libcurl 7.15.5 (2006-08-07) to 7.35.0 (2014-01-29)
      Remove unnecessary NEED_VORBIS since you have USE_CODEC_VORBIS
      Add support for x86_64 cross compiling in Travis CI
      Don't use -mwindows with Clang on Windows

kungfooman (1):
      Add misc/msvc12/ to support Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition

robo9k (1):
      Fix check for jpeg_mem_ to work with libjpeg-turbo

shearer12345 (3):
      Make msvc10/11 use UseOfMfc false and CharacterSet "NotSet"
      Update msvc10/11 for SDL2
      add post-build event for msvc10/11 to copy SDL2.dll to build folder

user (1):
      Merge branch 'master' into features/upgrade-curl-7.35.0

vloup (1):
      Fix Team Arena tauntGauntlet command


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