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smcv pushed a change to branch quake
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        at  3fc6d41   Release v18

This branch includes the following new commits:

       new  25c85e3   [svn-inject] Installing original source of quake3
       new  59d33e6   [svn-inject] Forking quake3 source to Trunk
       new  2e240ac   Load newtrunk into packages/quake3/trunk.
       new  8d0dcc2   [svn-inject] Setting properties of quake3/debian/
       new  bab7080   removed an autogenerated file (bison)
       new  6b9e3e9   maint to pkg-games
       new  827c4ca   some minor rewordings added myself to Uploaders
       new  f482955   + Split up the binary packages into:     quake3 (the 
client)     quake3-server     quake3-common (also builds/will build some day 
the glue to quake3-data) + Added notes for some non-gpl licensed files to 
debian/copyright + Added other wrapper scripts for client and server - 
*Probably* broke support for marc's quake3-data package - sorry!
       new  89d94f5   Added the missing directory containing the wrapper scripts
       new  9f443f8   renamed the package to ioquake3
       new  26d3a74   Updated ioquake3-common template. (Removed statement 
about quake3-data package) - We should start to inject one to the svn
       new  9687d54   run dh_fixperms on all packages in debian/rules
       new  dafcf7e   now using quilt to patch the sources, tested on SVN 544
       new  676192b   added quilt to the Build-Depends
       new  0b2c6c8   forgot the rules with patch support
       new  2047350   updated to svn580
       new  437704f   extension is needed to display the icon in the (gnome) 
       new  7a5e433   * Updated to SVN release 592 (1.34-rc1) * refreshed 
patches * xpm file is no longer in SVN
       new  a27dfdb   Updated to latest svn snapshot
       new  392b2f3   Fixed loop in the server wrapper script, when called with 
+exec parameter
       new  b451be5   Placing UNRELASED instead of unstable in the changelog 
entry (across the whole repository), if the version was not released
       new  5f25ed9   updated the man pages (incorporated Brunos work and more)
       new  6f07082   remove the .pc directory in clean refreshed patch to 
svn708 kept release at 1.34-rc1+svn708 while upstream downed it again to 1.33   
:-/; 1.34 should arrive "soonish" anyway released a new build to fix 
libopenal0a dependency
       new  32f8de9   %s/dependend/dependent/g
       new  f13a0ed   made .menu file debian compliant; build-depends on 
imagemagick, now
       new  cc8b36f   Maintainer names harmonised to "Debian Games Team"
       new  4d78a41   corrcted the Uploaders field, which i misunderstood all 
the time - d'oh! updated to standards version 3.7.2
       new  14d57c5   update to ioquake3 svn 803
       new  a764d76   organisation : moved into the new scheme the trunk of 
packages which were placed directly under packages and had a trunk diectory
       new  b883788   updated ioquake3 to current svn version and drawn back 
release to 1.33 - 1.34 isn't released, yet and we shouldn't allow upstream to 
confuse us :)
       new  6ced348   a bunch of minor fixes to desktop and menu files
       new  6518504   minor changes to menu entry files
       new  2331a1c   whoopsie, i mixed up architectures 'all' and 'any'
       new  06d3cfe   disabled patch, to set hostname Debian/GNU quake 3 
server. i think that's not necessary to show this
       new  0d1b66e   nasty typo in svn snapshot version
       new  baeb805   it's id Software Inc.
       new  90a1ecd   removed preinst scripts, as we intend to supply users 
with all necessary packages to play the proprietary quake3 arena
       new  42358d0   getting rid of /usr/lib directories and ioquake3-common 
       new  f7a72ac   prepared debian/changelog for initial release
       new  0bcb797   oops, ioquake3 uses +set fs_basepath instaed of -basepath
       new  d9f9dac   fixed broken symlinks in the server package
       new  a4bdbdc   fixed a typo in the ioquake3-server wrapper script
       new  88c4704   added closese: xyz to the changelog
       new  46616cd   feat: Added a few RO translations in desktop files; 
sorted alphabetically
       new  81a208c   updated changelog to upstreams latest svn version
       new  62a073b   [svn-inject] Installing original source of quake3
       new  ad95e8d   [svn-inject] Forking quake3 source to Trunk
       new  0a01e5a   Fixed screw up from initial failed import
       new  9ed366c   origUrl property set for quake3
       new  d3f0eb9   .desktop file created
       new  af73823   Cleaned up clean target
       new  d93baf6   mergeWithUpstream set on debian/
       new  57f2b29   libsdl1.2-dev builddep
       new  90a1e92   Updated copyright information
       new  25774e9   Explicitly specify fs_game
       new  f0a9f15   Forgot to change remove a reference to urbanterror from 
launch script
       new  d5ae69f   Disabled build of unneeded components to reduce build time
       new  4e77528   Did the last thing wrong
       new  3c3673f   use ioquake3's QVM
       new  c7ab236   removed need to figure out platform and arch
       new  98a49cc   made glob for finding built binary tighter
       new  cbe75d0   origUrl updated
       new  a675a38   Including built *.so, problem: these must go in basepath, 
but now arch dep in /usr/share :(
       new  b7cd407   Tightened globs for installed files
       new  2ac57af   Was told by ioquake3 dev not to package SO's and QVM's
       new  1009e5e   accidentally spelt release releasee in install target
       new  f238b64   dirty hack to make botlib.log go in ~/.q3a/baseq3
       new  e438543   Use shared libspeex rather than the one in ioq3 source
       new  1c9a8ca   Stopped it searching non-existant so and qvm
       new  0c1483b   I failed at commenting properly ;P
       new  0d15aa0   changing to svn rev 1400, origurl updated as such
       new  3ef7861   reverted to using included libspeex, ftbfs with debian's, 
need to look into this
       new  70ecde8   more concise way of making ~/.q3a/baseq3 if not existing
       new  4133c79   put the check-if-dir-exists-mkdir-and-cd thing on one line
       new  faddc7e   fs_game no longer explictly set
       new  aa4bcb4   upstream likes jerking me around, told NOT to include so, 
also fixed spelling error in launch scripts
       new  8cce1de   Changed launcher scripts to match any arg starting with 
+, rather than just +set and +connect
       new  c840717   voip is still under development, appears impossible to 
use libspeex other than included one, i could be wrong though
       new  c8ca8fe   Reworked to depend on common ioquake3 engine package
       new  aad2ce3   Clean up of all the stuff from when it included engine
       new  4eb2be5   Cleared up (still needs work)
       new  eee7089   higher res icon
       new  4d3a036   added and smaller icon for it
       new  7d95744   forgot to have it actually install smaller icon
       new  fb401fc   cleanup of scripts
       new  b8e37de   script cleanup
       new  f649282   Put the Debian Games Team in the Maintainer field
       new  2695020   Make almost all the desktop files valid according to 
       new  332739f   Drop use of dh_desktop since it no longer does anything 
and desktop-file-utils 0.15-2 has a trigger (see #525133)
       new  379e58f   set distribution to UNRELEASED for some packages that 
have never been uploaded
       new  1de6ab9   Claim the package
       new  2d246d4   Set appropriate paths for the version of ioquake3 in the 
NEW queue
       new  5f87584   Refer to the game as Quake III Arena
       new  f9044f7   Mention that quake3-data is now intended to come from 
       new  6f27762   Move to git
       new  f806317   Redo debian/copyright to be appropriate now ioquake3 is 
shipped elsewhere
       new  15a8f4c   Include the GPL in the source tarball
       new  096b699   Switch debian/rules to dh 7 tiny format
       new  83e8841   Ship the source icon and build lower-quality versions at 
build time
       new  4c80fda   Fix various lintian nits, bump source format to 3.0 
       new  cb21373   Debhelper compat level 8
       new  3db2cd9   Update changelog
       new  a9a90fd   Install quake3.png properly
       new  6afbf1a   Add a .gitignore for debian/ too
       new  8204e1b   Remove references to debian/*.xpm which no longer exist
       new  eb0c6e8   Merge the launcher scripts with my example one from 
       new  8f730e6   Make the build directory when required
       new  9246c61 add support for QUAKE3_BACKTRACE, 
       new  ef12a65   document the environment variables we now support
       new  9d640a8   Adjust man pages
       new  5489ef0   Recommend game-data-packager
       new  12e4f69   Improve clarity of descriptions by not mentioning the man 
       new  5373d77   Make debian/copyright a bit more general
       new  a055f91   Target experimental
       new  6012d50   Allow game-data-packager to satisfy the quake3-data 
       new  104fe07   Add a simple init script (disabled by default, so you 
don't have to use it if you prefer to run the server under screen or 
something), based on the one in tremulous-server
       new  98b9000   Turn need-data.txt into README.quake3-data
       new  2454d8d   Improve default server.cfg - just chain to Q3A's 
       new  a79ce27   quake3-server.README.Debian: hints about ways you can run 
a server
       new  7ca279c   quake3-server.default: correct a comment
       new  99d3326   quake3-server.init: parameterize so we can use it for OA 
with minor changes
       new  6918cdf   Delete Debian-quake3's home directory on purge
       new  25bdb98   Target experimental
       new  ca1251b   Make the QUAKE3_BACKTRACE option work properly
       new  2606041   Prepare upload
       new  3bf785f   Make the desktop file definitely run /usr/games/quake3, 
and not some other quake3 on the user's $PATH
       new  b82a6e0   initial import
       new  b594a0d   update description
       new  2523e7d   add a basic copyright file
       new  1ae3410   add menu icon
       new  fa8e149   add check for missing data
       new  9355978   supporting help and adding a manpage
       new  d0cb4e9   indent examples properly
       new  8c25791   fix typo
       new  c54203a   Move to contrib/games due to dependency on 
non-distributable data
       new  79888e3   Allow game-data-packager to satisfy the quake-data 
dependency: if a user installs this package before data, we want g-d-p to get 
installed, and the launcher copes gracefully with being run with no data
       new  20a6ea5   Re-word package description to talk about 
quake-registered and quake-shareware specifically, since they're the core 
       new  23361b0   Recommend something that can display the "need data" 
       new  115383d allow the engine to be forced
       new  0b37eda   Define and use alternatives for quake-engine
       new  a8c124a   Replace quake.png with an independently-created Quake 1 & 
2 SVG logo
       new  e08e7a5   Claim partial copyright on the packaging, and add license 
       new  fe75dac   Add a .gitignore
       new  557aaaa   Install various resolutions of Quake icon
       new  e73bcd7   Build and install a scalable Quake icon
       new  b66c5db   improve quake1+2 SVG
       new  2951683   Give permission to relicense everything I contributed 
under GPL-2+
       new  78fa3f7   Add a debian/.gitignore
       new  ed4dde4   Install policy.txt
       new  d5e5827   Catch up with changelog
       new  8c330f4   add games team to uploaders field
       new  5d2af80   add simon to uploaders field
       new  7d86b5c   relicense work to GPL-2
       new  017153c   Describe switching engines and compare the two 
initially-packaged engines
       new  04ba9dc   Mini-policy: specify different a dot-directory per engine
       new  e7387a2   Include menu entries for the mission packs, which are 
automatically hidden if the corresponding data files are not installed
       new  7a2a18f   Include the GPL in the source package so it's 
       new  dcfe740   Add a quake-server binary package with the server
       new  1973560   Build-depend on inkscape, xmlstarlet for the icon 
       new  74d2601   note that removing the alternative on upgrade is a problem
       new  a5bf4ce   Release (to experimental for now)
       new  c21aed9   suggest correct path to darkplaces
       new  eca264e   Upload to unstable
       new  8694643   Add status action to init script
       new  e20d916   Don't refuse to start a new quake3-server if there's a 
stale pid file (similar to #678543)
       new  94b0a9c   Report ioquake3, ioquake3-server information in quake3, 
quake3-server bugs
       new  23311e9   Standards-Version: 3.9.3 (no changes)
       new  f86cb78   Update copyright dates
       new  aee91ee   Fix syntax of init script
       new  f2cb5c4   Add a Description to the init script
       new  633318b   Run a server from the quake3-server package by default 
(as per Policy), unless this is an upgrade from 1.3 or older
       new  3dfc592   During purge of quake3-server, delete files owned by 
Debian-quake3 before deleting the user itself
       new  1bb1b3d   Release
       new  592361d   add lsb description field to init script
       new  a267842   add status action to init script
       new  d855449   bump debhelper compat version
       new  d7d75a4   bump standards-version to the most recent
       new  f77e453   note the standards bump in changelog
       new  005af77   Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
       new  4c141b6   Don't use usermod -e if not using shadow passwords
       new  5844782   Standards-Version: 3.9.4, no changes needed
       new  0d4ad75   release
       new  7a565da   Add support for Quake II
       new  f22206d   Fix dependencies for quake2; specify g-d-p 34 or later
       new  c180c60   Suggest the music packages produced by g-d-p >= 34
       new  aede306   control: adjust for rename to yamagi-quake2-core
       new  08577cf   Remove note about server config being intended for 
       new  3da8e9a   Upload to experimental
       new  8803df5   Generate recoloured icons for Quake mission packs
       new  4b7d085   Add a recoloured Team Arena logo
       new  4c125d5   Put built files in build/
       new  9150239   remove README.source intended for the NEW queue
       new  7942723   quake2: change fallback dependency from quake-engine to 
the correct quake2-engine (Closes: #728506)
       new  6df7990   Fix quake2 dependency to be quake2-engine, not 
       new  66c84dc   Merge tag 'debian/5'
       new  945b3f7   Mention bug 728506 in the version 5 changelog
       new  d2fae53   Add some keywords to the .desktop files
       new  176c28d   Add VCS fields to debian/control
       new  415c9e0   Standards-Version: 3.9.5 (no changes needed)
       new  354bbd2   Take over the quake3 and quake3-server binary packages 
from src:quake3, and add a recoloured Team Arena icon
       new  8f5ee0d   Add Keywords to quake3.desktop
       new  17fcd7e   Duplicate quake3 lintian overrides to quake, quake2 since 
they concern the copyright file, which was merged
       new  cf2da29   canonicalize VCS-*
       new  98174d3   Include quake3-teamarena-tango.xcf in debian/copyright
       new  bc1b9e6   Interact correctly with src:quake version of
       new  be281b9   Release to unstable
       new  7b444d6   Merge commit 'quake3/master~'
       new  a7b0e93   Sort Debian control files via "wrap-and-sort -ab"
       new  3705d82   quake2-server: don't recommend x11-utils | etc., they are 
only used in the clients
       new  fa94db7   Recommend kde-baseapps-bin instead of transitional 
       new  cd96a54   release
       new  453cec0   Avoid ambiguous precedence of Makefile rules for 24px 
icons, fixing FTBFS with recent make (Closes: #751039)
       new  0ea28f8   quake3.desktop: describe Q3 as an ActionGame, not an 
       new  f74877a   Install Quake 3 icon to the freedesktop icon path
       new  eb95476   Add icons and .desktop files for the Quake II mission 
       new  00fc6ad   Add a .desktop file for Quake III: Team Arena, and 
install its icon
       new  78ec42c   Mention the Quake mission packs in quake's Description too
       new  840cece   Partially sync server configuration from openjk and iortcw
       new  776b324   quake3-server: use a non-hidden home path, 
/var/games/quake3-server/server.q3a, in preparation for multiple-instance 
       new  81b1825   release
       new  0e87f3e   quake3: prefer /usr/lib/quake/* as fs_basepath, and 
support the demo
       new  542d515   Standards-Version 3.9.6 (no changes)
       new  b3f962c   control: mention Quake 3 demo data
       new  f6c3411   Simplify advice on obtaining game data, and point to 
game-data-packager's new declarative data files for checksums and exact sizes 
(Closes: #762823)
       new  0f76721   quake2: execute debian_server.cfg again, reverting a 
change from v9
       new  2f29ad4   quake3: modify quake3-server configuration
       new  d5de848   quake, quake3: remove support for START_DAEMON
       new  ad77dd7   Modify quake*-server configuration
       new  f11f897   quake-server, quake2-server: if no data, exit 72 like 
quake3-server does
       new  8d58baa   add native systemd units
       new  940fad6   add optional instanced systemd units for multiple servers 
per machine
       new  3ae15ec   Document the new server setup
       new  5aad614   deny capabilities to all services
       new  b4b43ed   prepare release
       new  57f3956   quake3: fix installed-location detection by looking for 
pak0.pk3, not pak0.pak
       new  857249a   quake3-server.init: set correct com_homepath for sysvinit 
servers (server.q3a, not /var/games/.../server.q3a - it is meant to be relative 
to $HOME)
       new  b2f1707   quake3-server: install extra symlinks so that server.cfg 
can be found when using quake3*-data (>= 40)
       new  75da844   release
       new  60e1256   Canonicalize Vcs-Browser, and use https
       new  9e299eb   Upload to unstable
       new  ae22f6c   typo
       new  bd43a6b fix kdialog parameters
       new  ef8c97c   suggests new packages quake2-{groundzero|reckoning}-data
       new  3f97f40   clarify changelog a bit
       new  91f48da   Install a 48x48 version of the Quake III Arena icons
       new  2504703   Stop installing traditional Debian menu files to comply 
with CTTE decision #741573
       new  f9bd283   Stop installing XPM icons
       new  5ce4f48   Use unique temporary filenames, so parallel builds can 
       new  21cde6a   Release v14
       new  b759796   quake3-server: correct help text
       new  b996023   quake3-server: lock the Debian-quake3 account on purge
       new  f65adfc   Add support for Quake 4
       new  6771a19   quake4: Enable easier access to the console by default
       new  1946b27   quake4-server.service: use the right executable
       new  e39bd31   quake4-dedicated: correct substitutions
       new  e00d594   quake4: correct link path for server.cfg
       new  07f4f34   v15
       new  b39ec0d   Enable the quake4 packages unconditionally
       new  d464496   Move Build-Depends-Indep to Build-Depends
       new  a6caa3a   Upload to unstable
       new  ca8c037   add support for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars based on 
Quake 4 support
       new  b692409   refresh debian/.gitignore
       new  929723a   ETQW: this need upcoming G-D-P
       new  a99a1e7   ETQW: fix --smp in help text
       new  ab28b21   etqw.desktop: add some more keywords
       new  e200ba3   etqw*.6: document QUAKE4_BACKTRACE, QUAKE4_DEBUGGER
       new  64001bb   Remove unused (and not installed) quake4smp wrapper
       new  c5a7b91   Check scripts for missing substitutions
       new  a17b574 use the same source for ETQW
       new  f0cb994   Add a confirmation step before running binary-only 
       new  379cac0   README.etqw-data: expand
       new  e117478   d/copyright: mention the idTech4 games, and Alexandre's 
       new  9604fb4   changelog
       new  4540ffd   d/control: remove Suggests on quake4-pb-bin, which is 
disabled in game-data-packager to avoid CVE-2007-5248
       new  2e9b271   ETQW: the client uses an alternative dotdir
       new  4d44ee0   quake, quake2, quake3: use symlink name as a hint for 
       new  725a68d   quake*.desktop: stop using Roman numerals, so they sort 
in the correct order
       new  556706e   quake4: don't shift away "env" or the first word of 
       new  43a5e79   quake4*: add experimental AppArmor profiles
       new  e9b3952   Switch Vcs-Git to https (see #810378)
       new  d29c4ba   Standards-Version: 3.9.7 (no further changes needed)
       new  caa6c73   Normalize packaging via wrap-and-sort -abst
       new  56de22a don't run env under gdb, if using both
       new  141db88   quake2-groundzero: mention Quake II in Keywords
       new  6e06fbe   Standards-Version: 3.9.8 (no further changes needed)
       new  f1f6c88   v17
       new  8c9892e   quake4 AppArmor: allow additional video device enumeration
       new  3507fc7   quake4 AppArmor: allow reading /etc/machine-id, used by 
       new  1701767   quake4 AppArmor: allow mmapping ~/.quake4/*/
       new  a3fc270   quake: add a shortcut for Quake Episode 5: Dimensions of 
the Past
       new  cdeb5b3   All systemd services: add Documentation key pointing to 
man pages
       new  f0045a0   Add lintian overrides for repeated words in d/copyright
       new  3fc6d41   Release v18

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