Dear Go Packaging Team,

I'm still on my way to package Docker. I actually have a working package
right now, but not good enough to be submitted.

I have two unresolved, oustanding issues, and I'd appreciate some advice
to solve them.

- docker-registry requires `golang-github-azure-azure-sdk-for-go-dev`
v9, while Debian packages v10. Building docker-registry against v10
fails. There's a bunch of errors, it doesn't seem trivial to fix. So my
approach would be to package the azure-sdk v9 under a name such as
`golang-github-azure-azure-sdk-for-go-v9-dev`, adding the suffix `v9` to
the install path, and then patch docker-registry to use the v9 package.
Does that sound OK?

- there's always this problem of circular dependencies, ie. all these
Docker dependencies that depend on Docker. I can't have them depend on
Docker because the Docker package is outdated and fails the build. So
right now I vendor. How to solve that? I didn't have any genius idea
here, the only solution I see would be to create a package
`golang-github-docker-docker-dev` that is different from the ``
package (ie. another source package), and that just ships the docker
bits that are used by other packages. Having a different source package
would solve the circular dependency problem.

Apart from that, I have around 20 packages that need reviewing, either
new packages or new versions of existing packages. I can provide the URL
of the git repositories where these packages live right now, or directly
commit to the official packages in Salsa. Please tell me what's your
preferred workflow.

Best regards,


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