On Monday 20 June 2016, at 21:05 +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > The current description reads:
> >  This is easily the library managing with JSON format. This can be
> >  done easily the acquisition of reading and the value of the JSON
> >  format. And this is add or remove key, and provides conversion to
> >  byte type of changed data.
> > 
> At https://github.com/bitly/go-simplejson is just this description
>    a Go package to interact with arbitrary JSON

Since I dont have a precise idea of what the package does and the current 
description is really hard to understand for me, wouldn't be better to use a 
very simple, very brief description? (One liner description are already present 
in the Debian archive).

Something like

«This is a Go package to interact with arbitrary data in the JSON format using 
the Go language.»

Just my  suggestion.



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