[cc-ing all CCs]

Yes, sure, welcome.

The next thing to do on the package would be to fix the tests so that they run 
completely w/o errors, so that the failsafe could be taken off (I haven't got 
into that,
it appears there are some files missing in the tarball).

If you would like to fix that and further things, please go ahead.


On 05.07.2016 09:13, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> [+cc stender, who maintains this package]
> Thanks for the offer to help. I think the best way to make others aware
> that you’re willing to help would be to add you as an uploader.
> Daniel, what do you think? Would you be amenable to Emmanuel helping out
> with the package? If yes, could you add him as an uploader please?
> On Sat, Jul 2, 2016 at 2:12 PM, Emmanuel Kasper <emman...@libera.cc> wrote:
>> Hi Michael, Hi Go team
>> I am currently working inside debian-cloud to create Cloud images for
>> Vagrant using the 'packer' package that you maintain as a team.
>> ( https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Cloud/VagrantBaseBoxes )
>> These cloud images have been very popular, nearly one million download
>> in 18 months.
>> Now there is slow but ongoing work to have this building being done by
>> the debian-cd infrastructure.
>> As we would be for the momment relying on the packer package to do this
>> work, I am interested of course on having a packer package activately
>> maintained, so if you need help here, just ping me.
>> At the momment with the latest packer release already in stretch and 0
>> open bugs in the BTS the situation looks more than fine :)
>> Emmanuel


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