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>> Otherwise, what should I do? Just create this upstream branch? Or also
>> rename unstable to master?
> Yeah, this repository is a mess... I hope someone could rename "unstable" to 
> "master". Perhaps Jelmer could acknowledge if he is all right with this?
> Personally I wish we didn't have to waste time maintaining "upstream" branch 
> but if team members want it then it would be nice to have it for
> consistency. 

I am using "gbp import-orig" (with --uscan if possible), so I don't see
this branch as particularly difficult to maintain.

> I think nobody have "upstream" branch from "codegangsta-cli" -- certainly not 
> with complete history.
> Re-creating "upstream" branch will be difficult due to collisions with 
> "master" where upstream releases were merged and tagged...
> "gbp import-dscs --debsnap" would not work so it looks like "upstream" branch 
> would have to mirror upstream repository...

I would only create it from this point of time. I don't think anybody is
likely to be interested by the complete history.

So, I'll wait for Jelmer's opinion before switching to the classic gbp layout.
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