On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 05:38:55PM -0400, Peter Colberg wrote:
> Hi Dmitry,
> My key 183BD5ED35278611 has been added to the DM keyring [1].
> Would you be willing to sponsor upload rights [2] for these packages?

>   golang-github-alecthomas-units
>   golang-github-erikdubbelboer-gspt
>   golang-github-fatih-color
>   golang-github-hlandau-degoutils
>   golang-github-hlandau-xlog
>   golang-github-jmhodges-clock
>   golang-github-mitchellh-go-wordwrap
>   golang-github-ogier-pflag
>   golang-github-peterhellberg-link
>   golang-github-satori-go.uuid
>   golang-gopkg-alecthomas-kingpin.v2
>   golang-gopkg-cheggaaa-pb.v1
>   golang-gopkg-hlandau-configurable.v1
>   golang-gopkg-hlandau-easyconfig.v1
>   golang-gopkg-hlandau-service.v2
>   golang-gopkg-hlandau-svcutils.v1
>   golang-gopkg-square-go-jose.v1
>   golang-gopkg-tylerb-graceful.v1

Dmitry, what are your thoughts on sponsoring uploads rights for the
above packages? Most of these packages are used only by acmetool,
which means the uploading members of the Go package team have no
incentive to keep these packages up to date.

Since I have invested a non-negligible amount of time on contributing
to upstream for some of them, it would be a shame to see the packages
not being taken care of. I will ping the team for review when making
any non-trivial changes.


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