On 20 Jul 2016, at 6:35 PM, Chris Lamb <la...@debian.org> wrote:
>> My _hunch_ is that whatever you're using to build (pbuilder perhaps?)
>> is running as your user ("lamby") but not including "/etc/passwd" from
>> your host
> It is running as my user and /etc/passwd includes:
>  lamby:x:1000:1000:,,,:/home/lamby:/bin/bash
> .. so, alas, that's not the problem.
> (am using Docker, not pbuilder)

I've tracked this down to lack of a $USER environment variable, either in a 
Docker container, or
by some other means.

>         cmd := exec.Command("sh", "-c", "eval echo ~$USER")

Patch attached to fix this, but it's a bit icky (and has been replaced by a 
shell out to call
getent in a later version.


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