On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 11:06:02PM +0300, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> What misled me was that the first build was successful and only the 
> second build failed.
> The failure in the second build is:
> === RUN   TestInotifyStress
> --- FAIL: TestInotifyStress (5.00s)
>       inotify_test.go:236: Creates and removes should not be off by more than 
> one: 1502 creates, 1509 removes
> Is the second build constantly failing due to some difference in the 
> build environments (e.g. TestInotifyStress dislikes French), or is
> this a testcase that sometimes fails randomly?

I think it is more likely to be a testcase that sometimes fails
randomly, because I always have the same environment (provided by sbuild)
and it does also fail randomly for me.

> This seems clearly different from both #819452 and your
> "dpkg-buildpackage -A" issue.

Ok, as I think there are still some misunderstandings, here goes the
long explanation:

There was really no "dpkg-buildpackage -A" issue here.

I'm just checking that "dpkg-buildpackage -A" works.

When the package is "Arch: all" (like this one) and "dpkg-buildpackage -A"
fails, I use the build log as an evidence that the package FTBFS in the
usual sense, because in such case "dpkg-buildpackage -A" and
"dpkg-buildpackage" are just equivalent.

The only exception is when there is an absolutely trivial bug in
debian/rules, like binary-arch and binary-indep being swapped, but all
those bugs are already reported.

Is this usual FTBFS what I intended to report here, not any bug
of "dpkg-buildpackage -A" type.

> I agree with you that this is RC no matter whether it depends on the 
> environment or happens randomly.

Great. The random failure is reported here:



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