Hi Tincho,

On 14/08/16 at 15:25 +0100, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> severity 832834 normal
> thanks
> Since there are no news on this, I am downgrading the bug for the time
> being, as it is threatening to remove a few rdeps from testing.

Well next time it would be a good idea to Cc me ;)

> I still want to solve the issue, but I can't do anything until it is
> reproducible.

I just ran into this failure again.

It seems that the test waits for 5s, and then declare that the reader
must be blocking. On the other hand, a normal execution takes 1.6s on my
system. Maybe it would make sense to increase the timeout?

For the record, in my setup, failed builds are retried once, alone on
the buildd. So it's unlikely that there's concurrent load.


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