On Saturday, 3 September 2016 6:43:05 AM AEST Sam Hartman wrote:
> ...but I'm really
> frustrated when I am told to "discuss with upstream."

Too bad. Debian bug tracker is not a substitute to upstream one.
If you had a chance to check upstream bug reports there are chances you could 
have found more information about the problem from existing bug reports...

Of course it make sense to check Debian bug tracker first.

> We, Debian, have
> agreed to provide a coherent operating system that works together.
> Part of what we sign up to do when we agree to maintain packages is to
> do a fair bit of upstream coordination.

Debian is mostly an integration project. We do not do (much) upstream 
development here. Therefore if your problem is about upstream features/
functionality then the right place to discuss it is at the upstream bug 

Also you can avoid delays and reduce maintenance burden by discussing the 
matter with upstream who have more expertise and more users who might be 
experiencing the same problem.

> I don't know where the upstream bug tracker is.  I don't have an account
> there.


You do not need an account to check existing bug reports.

> I don't wish to get an account there.

Fair enough.

> I don't wish to evaluate whether
> Debian has applied patches that matter in this space.

To some extent this problem exists even on pristine latest release as 
upstream not always indicates which version fixes the problem...

> But the agreement we make to our users is that we provide a single
> consistent interface for them to report bugs.

I've never blamed you for opening a bug. What are you complaining about?

> If you don't have the skills to work on this issue it's entirely
> reasonable to forward it upstream.

Which takes time. Besides forwarding bugs is not an effortless thing. One 
have to validate the problem and clearly describe it with reproducer. It 
could be that I'm just too tired (or don't have enough experience) but from 
your bug report I could not understand the problem nor to find out clear 
reproducer or get what desirable behaviour would be... It might take weeks 
before I'll be able to get to this problem and the situation is such that you 
are more likely to find help upstream. gitlab-ci-multi-runner is still a 
young package so you'd be lucky to get help from another Debian user.

> It's also greatly appreciated that you let me know that if I want a
> faster response I  might want to deal with upstream directly.

Sorry for not being able to be more helpful with this problem...

Best wishes,
 Dmitry Smirnov.


There is no society in human history that ever suffered because its people
became too reasonable.
        -- Sam Harris

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