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> The i386 build of gobgp failed:
>   # github.com/osrg/gobgp/server
>   src/github.com/osrg/gobgp/server/sockopt.go:66: undefined: 
>   src/github.com/osrg/gobgp/server/sockopt_linux.go:95: undefined: 
> AFAICT, this error stems from the fact that early Linux architectures such
> as i386 historically multiplexed setsockopt and several other functions
> through a special "socketcall" syscall.  i386 did eventually develop a
> dedicated setsockopt syscall (number 366), but zsysnum_linux_386.go
> doesn't (yet) reflect that, and I don't know what the runtime portability
> considerations of using it would be anyway.  Instead, I'd recommend using
> the predefined syscall.setsockopt wrapper.
> Could you please take a look?

Unfortunately, the wrapper is not available to use by external
packages. The syscall.SetsockoptString could be used instead since Go
strings are not null-terminated.
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