Dear Go package team,

Could a DD upload the following three packages to the NEW queue?

The packages are prerequisites for acmetool (>= 0.0.58-1), a Let’s
Encrypt client, and depend on each other in the order given above.

Please note the peculiar form of licensing chosen by the upstream
author as described in each debian/patches/upstream-license.patch.

I have spent many, many issues trying to convince the author of
shipping license files alongside their software; but instead, the
author has devised a custom licensing scheme (RILTS) that places the
license file in an external repository and references it by SHA256
hash in the commit messages of a package’s repository.

To comply with Debian policy, I have included the above patch with
the license text to each package. This ensures that the license is
available offline and at the same avoids having to create a custom
orig tarball with the license file for each new upstream snapshot.

If you decide to sponsor the three packages, I would be happy if you
could also give me DM upload privileges once they have been accepted.


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