On 11/10/16 17:23, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> I tested the reverse dependency. Its tests are passing with golang-go. I
> uploaded both to experimental first before uploading to unstable. I
> fixed one issue in experimental too.

You only tested the one direct reverse dependency? Transitively, and
taking into account build-dependencies, this affects a lot of packages!

In fact, I have just tried rebuilding prometheus with this new version
and it DOES NOT build anymore.

As I did not have enough work trying to get prometheus into shape before
the freeze, now you go and break a shit load of stuff after I explicitly
asked you not to do it.

Not only you broke the API with this package, you also uploaded a
breaking change in azure-sdk-for-go. Do you even read the changelogs of
what you were uploading?

I can't explain to you how angry I am right now. Please, fix this mess ASAP.

This if fucking unacceptable. I am fucking tired of working in this
group when people show no interest in respecting other team members' work.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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