On 13/10/16 15:03, Ben Kochie wrote:
>> PS: I am thinking that we should have some kind of automated ratt setup
>> (maybe even a private upload queue that runs ratt and then automatically
>> uploads to sid, and make that mandatory policy for the team), but I
>> don't really have the bandwidth now to implement it. Anybody else thinks
>> that would be a good idea?
> Being new to the team, I haven't contributed yet.  But I'm +1000 for
> automation, especially if it helps prevent bad thigns from happening.
> I'd be willing to look into this given there are some docs I can read.

That'd be great!

Ratt is a tool written by Michael that rebuilds the reverse dependencies
of a package, to check for breakage. But it currently lacks support for
transitive dependencies, which IMO severely limits its usefulness.

What I had in mind was maybe to build a upload queue, which would be a
directory in some server, where some cronjob or something will trigger a
ratt run and based on that decide to discard the package or reupload to
the official incoming queue using dput or something similar.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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