There are several open CI pipeline systems out there that can watch for git changes and do this kind of thing.

We already use Travis to do all of the branch testing for Prometheus projects.

Option 1, we can use the Travis SaaS.
Option 2, we can deploy our own with the source.


On Thu, 13 Oct 2016, Martín Ferrari wrote:

On 13/10/16 15:03, Ben Kochie wrote:
PS: I am thinking that we should have some kind of automated ratt setup
(maybe even a private upload queue that runs ratt and then automatically
uploads to sid, and make that mandatory policy for the team), but I
don't really have the bandwidth now to implement it. Anybody else thinks
that would be a good idea?

Being new to the team, I haven't contributed yet.  But I'm +1000 for
automation, especially if it helps prevent bad thigns from happening.

I'd be willing to look into this given there are some docs I can read.

That'd be great!

Ratt is a tool written by Michael that rebuilds the reverse dependencies
of a package, to check for breakage. But it currently lacks support for
transitive dependencies, which IMO severely limits its usefulness.

What I had in mind was maybe to build a upload queue, which would be a
directory in some server, where some cronjob or something will trigger a
ratt run and based on that decide to discard the package or reupload to
the official incoming queue using dput or something similar.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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