I'll start off by introducing myself! I'm MTecknology! I'm hear
because I had a goal, and I haven't lost sight of that, but I need
some help getting there.

Gogs [1] is a tool that I personally use heavily. My entire
infrastructure is deployed and configured by changes in git. Since
gogs is one of the few tools I use that's not currently packaged in
Debian, and because I want to be more involved in Debian, this seemed
like a logical place to start. (I was wrong)

My first topic of interest should be simple. I feel like pkg-go is an
interesting group and I'd like to contribute to it. I've played with
golang packaging up until the point of pushing things to Debian
servers. Based on my experience...

I'd like to take on contributing to pkg-go so that the build
dependencies for gogs will exist in Debian. As part of a team, my
interests would obviously be inclined to grow. The question here
becomes, where can I find a list of expectations prior to joining this
group and how would I do that?

The second, and directly related, topic of interest is gogs. I took
over the abandoned ITP [2] thinking it seemed relatively simple and
straight forward. I sure as crap jumped in way over my head, so now
seems like a good time to learn how to swim. :P

While I was working through the dependency chain for gogs, I ran into
quite the clusterfuck. I'd like to assume this is normal exactly
nowhere. Please, don't tell me if I'm wrong. I've documented the
"dependency hell" in the ITP [2].

My first question on this topic becomes, is this even suitable for
Debian? Based on that list of dependencies, is gogs something we want
included? If so, I'd love to continue pursuing the endeavor, but I
would absolutely love to stop now if that's not the case.

If it's decided that gogs should be included in Debian, and also
decided that I get to help push out dependencies, then I could
/really/ use a little bit of hand holding on the first couple. Some of
the issues that popped up seem pretty challenging for a novice such as
myself. Anyone willing? :)

I have a few other questions, such as how cyclical and circular
dependencies should be handled, but those seem like "not now"

Michael Lustfield

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