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Package: dh-golang
Version: 1.19
Severity: normal


It seems that many Go packages include an XS-Go-Import-Path field in
their control file, which AFAICT is only (?) used at build time from
inside the same source package.

The XS- prefix tells dpkg-source to propagate that field to the source
package (.dsc) and that in turn gets propagated to the Sources indices.
With the additional bloat. If this field is never used by querying the
Sources indices, I'd appreciate if you could switch to simply use the
X- prefix instead.


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Hey Guilem,

Thanks for the bug!

This feature is handy because sources are known by their import path,
and being able to crosswalk from our build toolchain to a source package
without relying on name munging (since source packages aren't all named
the same thing) has been useful for me in the past, and I use quite a

I haven't got the chance to make it fancy (something like
`debcheckout` doing the right thing) yet, but it's on
my radar when I get un-hit by the work bus.

with my ftp hat on, I don't think the 'bloat' is all that much, and it's
not a big deal so long as it's adding value

I'm going to close it, but feel free to reopen if someone has stronger
opinions, and we'll find middleground.

Thanks again!

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