Hi Tincho,

thanks for your welcome. Nice having met you in person yesterday as well! :)

>> just wanting to say hi... I'm new in the team and will most likely be
>> contributing a few packages in the future.
> Welcome aboard!

Thanks! I have already started contributing some libraries, e.g. as
dependencies for coyim (and coyim itself of course).

>> Having read https://pkg-go.alioth.debian.org, I was wondering how the
>> package review mentioned there [1] is done -- is this meant to happen
>> before or after uploads?
> I don't think we have really done much in that area. It works for
> sponsored uploads, but not usually for normal uploads.

I see -- thanks for the clarification.

>> I have a bunch of packages ready to upload and would like to know if I
>> can just go ahead with the upload or if there is some kind of
>> procedure... looking at the ML archive it doesn't look like anything
>> formal but I'd like to confirm anyway ;)
> I'd say that it would be great if you ask somebody to take a look for
> your first contributions, as our policies are not well documented, and
> dh-make-golang many times is not up-to-date with current practices.

I have noticed that and hand-tweaked the dh-make-golang skeleton output
to make lintian happy and also looked at existing packages to get a
feeling for how things are done. I will not hesitate to return with
specific questions once they arise.


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