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> Indeed!  But this is happening during the "go get" phase of dh-make-golang (I 
> think) before
> it strips out the code from the Godeps and vendor directories.

If it is of any use, yesterday I wrote a script that automatically grabs
a new upstream snapshot from git and names it in a way the gbp
import-orig understands. It is in the pkg-go meta repository.

It reads the source name from debian/control, and uses either the Source
field in debian/copyright or the Homepage field in debian/control to
clone the git repository. It tries to follow the same versioning format
as the last entry in changelog.

Real exaple of running it for the golang-goprotobuf package:

$ get-orig-tgz
Executing `git clone --quiet --bare --depth=1
https://github.com/golang/protobuf /tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream'...
Executing `git --git-dir=/tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream log -1
--date=format:%Y%m%d --format=%h %cd'...
Executing `git --git-dir=/tmp/q6Fo7KuPrg/upstream archive
--format=tar.gz --prefix=golang-goprotobuf-0.0~git20161116.0.224aaba/
New upstream tarball for version 0.0~git20161116.0.224aaba saved at

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