Am 18.11.2016 um 19:21 schrieb Peter Colberg:
Hi Tobias,
Thanks for the upload!

Could you push a GPG-signed tag to the git repository? You can put

sign-tags = True

in ~/.gbp.conf and sign with gbp buildpackage --git-tag-only.

Hi Peter,

there's already an annotated tag with the same name (debian/1.1.0-2) in the git repository.

If I sign the tag, I would need to delete the remote tag and push it again. This would mess with everybody's git clone'd local repository. I'm not sure that would be wise.

I suggest that you put the above mentioned ~/gbp.conf stanza into debian/gbp.conf, the file already exists. This way, the next uploader would sign the tag, even if they don't have this option in their home directory.


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