Source: golang-github-jacobsa-crypto
Version: 0.0~git20161111.0.293ce0c-1-2
Severity: normal

Note to self, for the next source release:

1) The repacked source tar version should include 'dfsg'


This will involved watch options:

2) watch file version comparisons are currently broken

Per uscan:

debian_mangled_uversion: 0.0_git20161111.0.293ce0c
debian_uversion: 0.0~git20161111.0.293ce0c
distribution: debian
source: golang-github-jacobsa-crypto
status: only older package available
upstream_version: 0.0~git20161111.0.293ce0c
version: 0.0~git20161111.0.293ce0c-1
watch_file: version=3
opts=mode=git,dversionmangle=s/~/_/,uversionmangle=s/_git/~git/ \
\ refs/tags/master/(.*) debian

Note that the status is 'not ok', despite upstream_version = debian_uversion

This information is derived from a call in UDD rimporters/upstream.rb:

uscan --pasv --dehs --no-download --watchfile debian/watch --package
#{source} --upstream-version #{version}"

... where 'version' is the version reported above. Running this
command shows that a '~' version is being compared with a '_' version.

Version handling is complicated by git, which does not allow '~', and
gbp, for a reason I don't remember.

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