Package: src:hugo
Version: 0.16-2
Severity: serious

Dear maintainer:

I tried to build this package in stretch with "dpkg-buildpackage -A"
(which is what the "Arch: all" autobuilder would do to build it)
but it failed:

 debian/rules build-indep
dh build-indep --buildsystem=golang --with=golang
   dh_testdir -i -O--buildsystem=golang
   dh_update_autotools_config -i -O--buildsystem=golang
   dh_auto_configure -i -O--buildsystem=golang
   debian/rules override_dh_auto_build
make[1]: Entering directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>'
dh_auto_build -O--buildsystem=golang
        go install -v -p 1

[... snipped ...]

--- PASS: TestGetCSVFailParseSep (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestGetCSVFailParse
ERROR: 2016/12/16 22:08:19 template_resources.go:256: Failed to parse csv file with error message line 2, column 0: wrong 
number of fields in line
ERROR: 2016/12/16 22:08:19 template_resources.go:237: Retry #0 for and sleeping for 1ms
--- PASS: TestGetCSVFailParse (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAceTemplates
--- PASS: TestAceTemplates (0.02s)
=== RUN   TestAddTemplateFileWithMaster
--- PASS: TestAddTemplateFileWithMaster (0.02s)
=== RUN   TestBigIntegerFunc
--- PASS: TestBigIntegerFunc (0.00s)
        template_test.go:197: Got expected error: template: foo:1:5: executing 
"foo" at <3e80>: expected integer; found 3e80
=== RUN   TestBigIntegerMethod
--- PASS: TestBigIntegerMethod (0.00s)
        template_test.go:223: Got expected error: template: foo2:1:6: executing 
"foo2" at <3e80>: expected integer; found 3e80
=== RUN   TestTplGoFuzzReports
--- PASS: TestTplGoFuzzReports (0.01s)
ok       0.174s
=== RUN   TestChainZeroTransformers
--- PASS: TestChainZeroTransformers (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestChaingMultipleTransformers
--- PASS: TestChaingMultipleTransformers (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAbsURL
--- PASS: TestAbsURL (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestRelativeURL
--- PASS: TestRelativeURL (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAbsURLSrcSet
--- PASS: TestAbsURLSrcSet (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestAbsXMLURLSrcSet
--- PASS: TestAbsXMLURLSrcSet (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestXMLAbsURL
--- PASS: TestXMLAbsURL (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestNewEmptyTransforms
--- PASS: TestNewEmptyTransforms (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestHugoGeneratorInject
--- PASS: TestHugoGeneratorInject (0.00s)
=== RUN   TestLiveReloadInject
--- PASS: TestLiveReloadInject (0.00s)
ok 0.025s
?     [no test files]
?   [no test files]
dh_auto_test: go test -v -p 1 returned exit code 1
debian/rules:6: recipe for target 'build-indep' failed
make: *** [build-indep] Error 1
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build-indep gave error exit status 2

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