Dear Dan,

Thanks for getting in touch - sorry for not replying sooner. "winrm"
is the name of a Microsoft Windows command, so users might expect a
Linux command with the same name to perform a similar function. I'm
not familiar with what the command in your package does, and it's a
while since I did the original txwinrm packaging so I'm not sure off
hand which of our commands is closer to the Windows winrm.

I'll try to find some time in the next week or so to refresh my memory
of the details, and consider what an appropriate name for the command
in my package would be.

Hope that's soon enough?



On 22 December 2016 at 10:08, Daniel Stender <> wrote:
> Hi Christopher,
> we have a binaries-have-conflict between our packages and we have to 
> negotiate how to handle
> this.
> I standpoint is, masterzen-winrm was in first (2016-04-14), so I would like 
> to ask if
> you could change your package to solve this. I would change mine if this 
> would be the
> other way around. Is that alright with you?
> Dan
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> 4096R/DF5182C8
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