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> Source: golang-glide
> Version: 0.12.3-1
> Severity: important
> Hi!
> This source package generates a binary package named glide. But there
> was already a source package in the archive named glide. This creates
> great confusion in our infrastructure. For starters the bugs
> previously assigned to the glide source package are now "owned" by the
> glide binary package. :( Notifications and similar are now sent to both
> source and binary glide packages.
> Although the namespaces are in principle somewhat independent, creating
> cross-collisions has been frowned upon for a long time. So I'd like to
> ask that you rename the glide binary package to something else.

Sorry for that. I don't have a clear path to solve this. If I use a new
binary package name, I should do a transition package with the old name,
but this would defeat the purpose. But as we are close to the freeze,
it's now or never.
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