On 29/01/17 21:09, Jeffrey Walton wrote:

> As a stopgap, you might consider adding a small swapfile and setting
> swapiness to a low value.

I am talking about buildds, and a package prevented from migrating to
testing because of this :)

> Nearly every ARM gadget I had was suffering OOM kills on two C++
> libraries that made heavy use of templates. The swapfile and
> swappiness avoided most of the build problems I was encountering.
> The SD Cards are dirt cheap, so I don't care if they wear them out 15%
> faster than normal. Its an easier problem to solve than daily broken
> compiles.

Also, I think this might be more about addressable user space, because
it is not the OOM killer, but the go runtime that kills the tests.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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