severity 850507 serious

Hello Jordi.

I expected a general guideline from Release Managers regarding
packages which FTBFS randomly like this one, but that will most surely
not happen for stretch.

So, the only guideline I have left is the one expressed by Julien
Cristau (one of the RMs) in Bug #844264:

"if the failure rate is low enough I think a lower severity can make

I posted a list of bugs which FTBFS more than 10% of the time and
several people agreed on -devel that they should be serious and
maintainers should ask for stretch-ignore tag in case the bug should
not be RC (most bugs are about failing tests so this should not be
needed in general).

In the latest tests I made, this package fails for me more than 82% of
the time, and it also fails in the reproducible builds autobuilders:

This may affect any user trying to build this package (for example, 
after making a change), our downstreams, and the Security Team once
that stretch is stable.

For this reason I'm raising this to serious.

Sorry for the long explanation.


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